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by dascrow at Nov 2, 2016
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The whole point of the original Microsoft Surface tablet, released in 2012, was to show PC manufacturers and the world just how good a touchscreen-enabled Windows PC could be, Microsoft CVP of Surface Panos Panay told Business Insider earlier this year.

"We needed to ensure it would happen right," Panay said at the time.

So when Microsoft last week unveiled the Surface Studio — a gorgeous all-in-one PC that doubles as a touchscreen drafting table for creatives — it raised a big question.

If the Surface was designed to bring the Windows PC industry around to touchscreens, what does the Surface Studio do for Microsoft?

"The entire ecosystem benefits when we create new categories and experiences that bring together the best of hardware and software," Panay tells Business Insider. He calls the Surface Studio "a new way for people to experience Windows 10, Office, Skype and more."

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by dascrow at Oct 26, 2016
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At its October 26th event, Microsoft announced a new collapsible all-in-one desktop PC called the Surface Studio made for designers and optimized for the new "Creators Update" to Windows 10. To keep you fully immersed in a project, the company also unveiled a new haptic feedback accessory dubbed the Surface Dial that puts a clever twist on workflow interaction.The device is roughly the size of a hockey puck and connects wirelessly to the Surface Studio, but it also works with the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4.

Along with the keyboard and mouse, the touch-sensitive Dial adapts to whatever application you're working with to add a third level of contextual control.

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by dascrow at Oct 26, 2016
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Microsoft has unveiled a new all-in-one PC at its "Imagine What You'll Do" event in New York City. The Surface Studio, as the device is called, is a gorgeous desktop that looks to rival Apple's iMac Its cheapest model costs $2,999, with its highest-end model costing $4,199, and pre-orders kicked off today, October 26.

The Surface Studio has a 28-inch PixelSense display with touchscreen support. We’re looking at 3:2 aspect ratio, and a 12.5mm thin profile. Microsoft Panos Panay did say it’s the thinnest LCD monitor ever built. One interesting feature of the screen is the true scale. One inch on the screen is actually one inch in real life, which might make several tasks easier on the device.

For $2,999, you’ll get 1TB of storage and 8GB of RAM (and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M 2GB GPU GDDR5 memory), together with an Intel i5 chip. An extra 8GB of RAM and a processor bump to Intel Core i7 will cost you $500 extra, while the high-end Surface Studio featuring a 2TB drive and 32GB of RAM (with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M 4GB GPU GDDR5 memory) is priced at $4,199.

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by dgstorm at Jul 25, 2016
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Here's a quick PSA reminder: Starting July 29th, Microsoft's Windows 10 will no longer be a free download. After that date the regular retail price will apply. For Windows 10 Home that will be $119, and for the Pro version it will be $119. You have just a few days to get off the fence one way or the other.
by dgstorm at Jul 20, 2016
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As if Pokemon Go wasn't already addictive enough for many folks, some crafty engineers are taking it to a whole new level. Developers from Koder and Capitola VR came up with VR/AR prototypes of the game to be used with Microsoft Hololens. Just watch the video above to see it in action.

Source: BGR
by dgstorm at Jun 29, 2016
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Microsoft is tempting students to buy a Surface Pro 4 this week with a new promotion running at its retail stores in the US. The software maker is taking $300 off when students buy a Surface Pro 4 and Xbox One. "So basically a free Xbox One with the purchase of a Surface Pro 4," says Terry Myerson, head of Windows and devices at Microsoft, in an interview with The Verge. The deal goes live today and will run until August 14th.

The timing of Microsoft's deal comes just a week after the company revealed...

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by dgstorm at Jun 29, 2016
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Microsoft announced that they will be pushing out a Windows 10 Anniversary update to all owners of Windows 10. This update will be downloadable for free starting August 2nd, 2016. The update includes a fairly significant number of new features. Here's a breakdown:
  • Improved security included in Windows Hello and Windows Defender updates (detailed below).
  • Windows Hello will let you log in to apps without a password. You can also access websites with biometric authentication using Microsoft Edge
  • Windows Defender will now let you schedule quick scans on your PC to run automatically as well as provide summaries once it is finished.
  • Microsoft Edge gets power-saving improvements. It will now consume less memory, use fewer CPU cycles, and minimize background activity
  • Extensions for Edge will be available in the Windows Store and it will now support modern web standards, like HTML5, CSS3 and ARIA.
  • Xbox Play Anywhere lets you buy a game on your Xbox One or PC and includes instant ownership on both platforms.
  • Language Region Independence for Cortana is coming to Xbox One
  • Support for background music is also coming to Xbox One
  • Includes a new app that helps schools set up their Windows 10 PCs
  • Cortana improvements will help you save and recall data
  • Windows Ink is a brand new feature that “enables people to write on a device as they would on paper.”
For even more detail, hit up the Microsoft source link here: Microsoft announces Windows 10 anniversary update available Aug. 2 | News Center.
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