Can the SP4 camera be used as a 3D scanner?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 4' started by starstreak, Jan 11, 2016.

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    Saw the video on importing your face into games and it said you can use a realsense camera. I know the SP4 comes with one, but can't find any info if you can get it scan.
    Btw, on a side not, I know when first setting up the facial scanner on the SP4, it had a little window showing me what the camera was seeing. Is there a way to view that screen again?
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    Here's some sketchy info. intel RealSense come in two flavors Short Range (front) and Long Range (rear).
    The SP4 has the front Short Range cameras but not the Long Range rear cameras.

    Short-Range Camera
    The Short-Range Intel® RealSense™ Camera F200 works best indoors at close range, where it can easily see your face, hands, and fingers and how they move. You’ll find the short-range camera in select all-in-ones, 2 in 1s, and laptops.
    Short-Range Intel® RealSense™ Camera

    The Intel® RealSense™ Camera F200 is actually three cameras in one—a 1080p HD camera, an infrared camera, and an infrared laser projector—to measure depth and enable the computer to read facial expressions and gestures and swap out backgrounds

    To do any of the advanced stuff you'll need Applications. :) not much of which is included in W10 (not implying it will be either, I don't know their plans) aside from Face Login.
    Intel® RealSense™ App Showcase

    Long-Range Camera
    The Long-Range Intel® RealSense™ Camera R200 features a full-HD camera with depth sensing capabilities to create an image that enables you to execute 3D scanning and refocus objects in videos, and use selective filters with the touch of a finger. You’ll find the long-range camera in select 2 in 1s and tablets.
    Long-Range Intel® RealSense™ Camera
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