Changing Surface Type Cover Touchpad Options

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Accessories' started by Windywave, Aug 6, 2016.

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    In order to type more efficiently I frequently turn off the touchpad on my SP4 using the standard "Windows+I>Devices>Mouse & touchpad>Touchpad On/Off Switch" action. (This, frankly, is due to my sloppy hands which will drag across the touchpad relocating the cursor and requiring significant typing corrections.) Of course, I appreciate the touchpad when I'm not typing, so when finished typing, I have to turn it back on using the same process.

    After performing this on/off action so frequently, I began to look for some kind of shortcut or app that would allow this switch action to occur with a single key or keyboard combination. However, after some searching the web (and the Windows store), I could find nothing. (The Windows store has a touchpad app, but it appears to be simply a duplicate of the standard app provided with the device.)

    So I'm reaching out to the community in hopes that there might be a suggestion or, better yet, a tool that has already been developed to solve this problem. Perhaps the solution is a VB script that could be loaded on boot(?).

    Any ideas?


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