Microsoft Makes 1TB Surface Book & Surface Pro 4 Available

Discussion in 'Surface Forum Site News' started by dgstorm, Jan 22, 2016.

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    For folks who simply need gobs of storage and are finally ready to pick up a Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book, today is your lucky day. Microsoft just made the ultra-high end, 1TB versions of these devices available. Here are the links:
    While these prices are obviously steep, you get a great deal of value for that top dollar. Along with the 1TB SSD hard drive, both of these devices also include a Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM at the above prices.
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    This was rejected by the Microsoft store sight, so I am posting it here.

    The new 1 TB surface book has a flawed keyboard that will work sporadically.

    I am sending mine back.


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    Key board does not work

    Brand new product and right out of the box. The keyboard works very sporadically. There is no numeric pad nor any way to use Alt codes with a numeric pad even though there was room to put one on the keyboard. I am sending mine back right away. Avoid this product until the keyboard issues are fixed. Microsoft customer service on this product is very poor since techs do not have the product. The keyboard is either faulty or bad tech support. See for other customers with the same keyboard issue.
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