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Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 3' started by Jay Marino, Apr 11, 2017.

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    So far the information online shows that the new SP5 will in fact use the Kaby Lake Processors and it will retain the SP3/SP4 charger or dock plug. Thats good for me since I have a SP3 and a SP4 dock and a charger and a car charger.

    If it wasn't for the poor battery quality of the SP3, I would probably run with this device for another 2-3 years. But because my batter from a full charge only gets about 2-3 hours of battery life (that's on battery saver mode and only internet and work browsing) I am considering shelling out another $2,000 for a SP5. Anyone else feel the same way? I love my device, I use it not stop, but the battery life is about as bad as it gets. I have chargers every where because I am afraid of going dead.
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    Sorry about your battery life. That's why I try to buy devices with replaceable battery. Unfortunately, those are few and far between these days.

    I only use my SP3 sporadically - for meetings and travel. As a result, my battery life is still quite good and my machine should last for a few more years. It's the best tech I've ever bought.

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