Surface Pro 3 Ultimate Package For Sale!

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    PRICE REDUCTION $750 + Free Shipping!

    Hello everyone!

    The time has come to sell my Surface Pro 3.

    I’ll spare you with the detailed specs as I’m sure you all know them well.

    It is the i5 processor with 256GB and 8GB of RAM.

    No major dings or scratches. The screen is impeccable. I installed a screen protector on day 1.

    It still has the warranty!

    Here’s what the package will include:

    1. Surface Pro 3
    2. Docking Station
    3. Type Cover 2 Keyboard
    4. 2 Pens!
    5. One carrying gel pouch
    6. Matte screen protector installed on Day 1
    7. Anker Astro Pro 2 external battery pack to double your battery life!
    8. Arctic Breeze external fan (silent fan to eliminate thermal throttling)
    9. Multiple AAAA batteries
    10. Extra pen tips

    All of the above for $800 USD.

    PayPal only and will ship the same day.

    Please PM for inquiries.

    Thank you!

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