Surface Pro (original) stuck on spinning dots at startup

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Help' started by MasterPie, Aug 4, 2014.

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    Aug 4, 2014
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    Basically, my Surface Pro does not launch Windows. It gets stuck at the Surface logo screen, but there are spinning dots as well, almost as if it's trying to load something. Except, it never loaded anything after I left it for 3 hours. Battery is charged. I even let it stay on to drain the battery to see if that did anything.

    The power on/off cycle to get it to go into recovery mode doesn't work. I can get into the UEFI menu by holding volume up on launch, but not sure how that could help. Can't get it to boot from a USB (hold volume down?).

    Any ideas?

    (conveniently, it's just a month out of the 1 year warranty :p)

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