Which software is best to do a image backup of my Surface Pro

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro' started by UTDKING, Sep 9, 2014.

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    Sep 9, 2014
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    New here hope someone can share their experience with making a backup image & restoring it

    I have made a copy of my recovery partition on to a usb flash drive with no problems
    So if the worst happens i can restore back to the factory settings windows 8 pro
    but now i`ve done all the updates via windows updates for windows 8 pro & wish to create a backup image that includes all those updates
    Before i update to Windows 8.1 Pro via the store
    I know how to boot the system using the volume + - keys plus power key to go into the system menu to turn on or off secure boot

    I have Acronis True Image 2014 ,but after some searching on-line via Google it appears that Macrium Reflect Seems more able to do the job
    So i download the free version & created a boot able USB drive this seem straight forward
    Then i plug in my boot able USB drive into my surface pro & using the volume key & power on key it did indeed boot to my USB drive & the Macrium Menu Appear & it show I think 4-5 partition including the recovery partition
    Now which ones do i need to make backup I know i can ignore the recovery partition as as i said earlier I`ve already have that
    As anyone achieved this process & manage to make a image of their Surface Pro which can be restore
    If so please explain
    Thank You
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