Windows 10 and Code Two Outlook Sync

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    I have been using Code Two Outlook Sync successfully with 2 laptops for some months now.

    Both PCs are using Windows 10 and Office 2016

    Today both Windows 10 and Office 2016 went through routine updates.

    So I now have

    Outlook 2016
    Office Version 16.0.6965.2058

    Windows 10 version 1511
    Build 10586.420

    Code 2 Outlook Sync

    I tried to sync Outlook this morning. C2OS loaded OK on both machines, and connected OK as usual. However when I clicked on the Sync button I got the Windows message "Code 2 Outlook Sync has stopped working". It made no difference on which machine I initiated "Sync" - message was the same for both.

    I'm assuming one of the updates has changed something which has upset C2OS.

    If anyone is familiar with this programme or has had similar issues after the latest Windows 10/Outlook 2016 updates I'd appreciate any insight on the problem.

    I have of course contacted Code Two's support & am waiting for their reply.

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