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    paper feel screen protector

    guys, recently conducted the worlds longest search for a screen protector which felt like paper when using a stylus. Bit disappointed that there is a bit of a market for ipads and surface pro's but this little fella seems to have nada. Ended up going through the Japanese ebay equivilent and...
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    apps for markups

    i downloaded it thinking it was free, then noted the trial. dont know if i can justify a yearly fee of 250 aud per year for a tablet app. if it was under a 100 and a one off fee, i would get it. Thanks for the recommendation
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    straying from windows 10 s is an open source variation of photoshop. On any PC it is free, just not on the microsoft app store.
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    Who is getting one? Why or Why not?

    i bought the 4gig version as it was comparitable to the ipad at the end of financial year sales. I like using it with the stylus, but hate the lack of apps available for what i want. I use it for work to mark up PDF's in an engineering office and send emails, which it does well. As i was being...
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    apps for markups

    guys and gals, i recently purchased "drawboard" which is alright, but was disappointed with the fact that some of the good items are actually part of the "PRO" release, which sucks as you cant just pay for it once, instead it is a monthly subscription. I dont have any issue with paying for a...
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    straying from windows 10 s

    has anyone done this yet who doesnt have the 8 gig version? I have the 4 gig as that is all i needed, but hate the lack of available apps..... ie cant beleive i have to pay for if you have i would like to know how it actually affects perfomance.

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