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    Light-Bleed 3rd Unit

    I've replace two Surface Books because of the yellow screen bleed at the right-side of my Surface Book display and the top of it as well. I've had my third Surface Book for three weeks and once again, I'm getting the same yellow light-bleed in the same areas. Is this an inevitable defect of the...
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    Nvidia Driver Update 5/16

    Anyone else get an update for the Nvidia drivers? Mine is now and it's dated 4/27/16. Has anyone noticed any benefits from the update?
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    Bunch of Updates!!!

    Microsoft released a bunch of updates today (4/19/16)!!
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    SB doesn't Autorotate when detached?

    Thanks for the reply Niterider4! So you don't turn your SB off overnight? Does shutting it off and then starting it up to the Windows 10 screen take longer with fast startup turned off as opposed to when fast startup is enabled?
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    Noticeable Increase in Surface Book Freezing & Touch Screen Stops Working

    Has anyone noticed increased freezing with their Surface Books since the last major update? I've had a dramatic increase in the number of times my Surface Book freezes over the past few weeks. Additionally, at random times, my touchscreen stops working. I can still use my Surface Book using...
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    SB doesn't Autorotate when detached?

    It's so frustrating that it's taking MSFT so long to fix this issue! Does anyone know if there are any negatives to disabling fast startup? I mean will doing so make my Surface Book boot up noticeably slower?
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    Yellow Screen Discoloration

    Oh interesting! So, the yellow discoloration is probably related to the screen flex, especially since my new Surface Book doesn't have any flex. When you do exchange yours for a new one, make sure you check that the new one doesn't have any flex because the screen shouldn't flex when you clean...
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    SB doesn't Autorotate when detached?

    I get this annoying problem as well. It always occurs when my 'Hello' camera doesn't turn on when I boot up my Surface Book to sign on. So these two issues have got to be related somehow. Does anyone know if Microsoft has even acknowledged this issue?
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    Yellow Screen Discoloration

    Yes, I had this exact same issue with my previous I7 500gb Surface Book. I took it to my local Microsoft Store and they told me it's a hardware issue and a defective unit. So, they exchanged mine for a new one and knock on wood, I haven't had it on my new Surface Book. So definitely return it...
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    Edge Browser now allows Pin This Page to Start

    Was this feature added in today's update?
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    Yellowish backlight bleed

    This is my 2nd Surface Book where if I use it for 30 minutes or so, the right corner and the middle bottom part of my screen have a yellowish spot on them. But if I turn it off for 20 minutes or so and then turn my Surface Book back on, the yellowish backlight bleed is temporarily gone, but...
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    "Autorotate On" message

    The auto-switching issue momentarily stopped happening after installing the newest firmware update, but several hours later started reoccurring. So, it's still not fixed, but at least for me occurs less frequently.
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    new surfacebook firmware 1/27/16

    Finally! I hope this firmware update fixes the auto-switching into tablet mode issue!
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    "Autorotate On" message

    I also have this problem and I've had three Surface Books. The newest hardware update fixed most of my unwarranted switching, but I still do have it. I think it's a software issue.
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    New Surface Book Owner :)

    Welcome to the Surface Book community Astonish! I also have the i7 256gb 8ram and love it. I do wish Microsoft or a third-party will develop a protective case for just the clipboard part. And you'll get used to detaching the clipboard. I had the same problem at first, but after a couple days of...