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    Fixing a scratch

    A scratch has appeared in the lower left corner of the screen on my SP2. I can only see it with the screen off or when the keyboard is up. Its really smaller than the period on the on screen keyboard, but it bothers me. Anyone known of a fix? Its purely cosmetic, and wouldn't want it to...
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    Battery Pen

    I think it would be nice for some users to have a portable battery the size of the pen that could recharge the device. Obviously weight would be an issue, but for those who have already purchased a keyboard and would rather not purchase the power cover, that could be a more portable alternative...
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    New SP2, anything I need to know before getting set up?

    Ive had no problems with updates and just received my unit last week. Rest assured!
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    Recent SP2 64GB Buyer Questions/Comments

    The CPU is fine. Only thing that is high is memory but as you said, it is reasonable to use the RAM if the computer has it. The big issues I had could have been caused by installs I was doing in the background, but I left my device alone for the most part while that was going on. I suppose it is...
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    Recent SP2 64GB Buyer Questions/Comments

    There are times that screen taps don't register, or a prompt will appear (like if I'm downloading a file from the internet) and I'll have to wait 10 seconds for 'yes' to let me select it, while cancel is ready immediately. Or Word or IE will randomly stall and have the (Not Responding) along the...
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    Recent SP2 64GB Buyer Questions/Comments

    Hello all, I'm a Mac user of 5 years jumping ship to Microsoft's exciting new world of Surface. I've been keeping my eye out since i first saw the great looking device in the wild and have been chomping at the bit to get the second iteration since release. Now, I have received mine! I...