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    Solved Creator's Update breaks wifi?

    Original i7, dGPU SB non performance base. Everything is OK.
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    Anyone use the BaseQI MicroSD Adapter???

    Yes. I'm using it with sanDisk 200GB MicroSD and I'm very happy. I store there OneDrive library and some eBooks and music.
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    longer adapter cable for Surface Book

    I solved it with long cable between wall and adapter.
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    longer adapter cable for Surface Book

    I just bought cable.
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    Just about to buy surface book questions

    Agree - that's why I bought it in the time of purchase.
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    Solved Mouse without USB dongle

    I'm using MS Arc Touch Surface Mouse - works perfect.
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    Just about to buy surface book questions

    Luckily I didn't need it yet.
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    Had my Surface Book stolen yesterday.

    I would still contact the police.
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    SB Dents...

    Another rocksniffer (geologist) here. I'm travelling with my stuff often to field and never (knock the wood) had dent of scratch. Using Book in field to get data from leveloggers (groundwater), to program them, get the notes into scanned maps and field notebooks. Only thing I'm missing is...
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    Just about to buy surface book questions

    Same here - almost no wobbling (less than expected, same as laptop with touch screen). Multiple windows are no problem.
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    Does the Surface Book work with Thunderbolt 2.0?

    Connector is same (as mini DP), but internals not.
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    Purchasing SB Soon

    No. Only issue is - after installation software update and subsequent re-installation firmware it needs two restarts for eye login to work correctly.
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    Purchasing SB Soon

    I would recommend you to go with latest Redstone (fast ring) build - no big issues at all.
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    Specifications Advice

    My i7 Surface Book is way colder than previous Surface Pro 3 i7. . For your work I would recommend same model as I have - i7, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SDD with dedicated graphic card. You can go with less or more space on SDD - 256 or 1024 GB. 32 GB RAM would be fantastic, but there is no such a machine.
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    Specifications Advice

    If you do not want bugs - stay away of new Dell XPS 15 too. In our company we were in similar situation as you are in the end of the last year - got some money for new rigs. A colleague originally selected MS Surface Book, after couple problems exchanged it for new Dell XPS 15 - and he is pissed...

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