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    Bluetooth connects extremely slowly

    For you to be able to connect to other devices wirelessly or via Bluetooth you must use the USB port for the unifying receiver on your SP4. Other devices must have wireless connectivity, you can always purchase a wireless or Bluetooth USB to plug in other devices if needed. you also have a spare...
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    Bluetooth connects extremely slowly

    Try the USB receiver in the SP4....see if it makes a difference.
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    Bluetooth connects extremely slowly

    Are you using a USB unifying receiver ?
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    Bluetooth connects extremely slowly

    Open Action Centre bottom right on Taskbar, click on Connect, is your mouse listed?....if not you need to set it up in Devices.
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    error message

    Type "disk cleanup" in Search...lower down on panel that appears, click on "clean up system files"....scroll down ticking all those you wish to delete, including any past installations to free up disk space.
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    Stuck in Safe mode

    Can you in Safe Mode type in Search msconfig? If yes under Boot tab untick Safe Boot, then under General tab Normal Startup. Restart computer.
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    I am at my wits end with my SP4

    Type reliability history in search....this should give you something a little bit easier to understand. Anything you don't understand Google it.
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    Fall Update to 1709

    After my earlier botched Update attempt see my earlier post, have just spent (wasted) another 2 1/2 hrs doing an installation on my Surface Pro 4 i7 using the official MS ISO for a clean install, once again faults are recorded doing an sfc /scannow Two other computers a desktop and a laptop...
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    Fall Update to 1709

    Took 2 1/2 hrs to install on an SP4 Pro i7 using Update, riddled with faults, failing scannow and dism commands. Overloaded servers perhaps? Am in process of reinstalling using an ISO.
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    Pen malfunction

    Purchased 15 months ago here in the UK an SP4 Pro complete with keyboard plus pen. A month ago the pen ceased to function, the obvious choice clapped out battery. Getting AAAA ones from the computer outlet from where I purchased did not stock them, neither did any other shops I contacted. Amazon...
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    Creator's Update Surface Recovery Image

    They must have accepted the M$ privacy terms which are included in the KB 4013214.
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    Creator's Update Surface Recovery Image

    Type winver in search box to confirm what version is installed.
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    Creator's Update Surface Recovery Image

    Until M$ install KB 4013214 on updating, this covers privacy acceptance, it will not be possible to install 1703, even with a 1703 recovery image. It will just revert back to 1607, when trying to install.
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    Creator's Update Surface Recovery Image

    Download a recovery image for Microsoft Surface
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    SP4 i7 recovery image

    In Settings type ID

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