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    Gaming Benchmarks

    More games in original post.
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    pro 128 decision

    Comparing gaming benchmarks with people who have the 4GB ram models, it looks like performance between them is more or less the game in games. If you want to use Photoshop or go big on multitasking then I guess 8GB could help. Personally I got the 8GB model because I do game development with...
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    128 GB Surface Pro Memory Problems

    I am using 256/8GB memory version, latest everything. 720p fullscreen res, with everything set at "High", shadows were at "High" without (Smooth). I played for like four hours yesterday with my brother with great performance and no issues. When I exited I saw that message, and hit cancel on...
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    Well, This Sucks

    You don't need any emulator to run .Net 4.0 applications.
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    128 GB Surface Pro Memory Problems

    I have played a few hours of d3 with no issues.
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    SPro Accessories

    Saying "apple does it" is not a defense against criticism. My point is I feel like I paid too much for the keyboard. If it came with the adaptor or had Bluetooth built in I would feel differently.
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    Finally: Daisy-Chaining Monitors With DisplayPort 1.2!

    Good to hear. I'd love to have a setup like this. If I buy new monitors any time soon I'll make it a point to get ones that support this.
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    SPro Accessories

    Just because they sell a bunch doesn't mean they aren't price gouging.
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    Does Photoshop and/or Painter have pressure sensitivity with Pro 2?

    It was kind of a pain on the original Pro, because the drivers were still buggy, but now all you have to do is install the drivers linked above and then it just works. It is very turnkey, now.
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    SPro Accessories

    A "premium" would be $70, at most. I'm holding a type cover 2 in my hand right now, and I do not buy for a moment that there is $130 of engineering in this thing. It's nice for sure, but it's not worth $130. Of the entire $2k purchase I made, this is the only part I have buyer remorse over...
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    Well, This Sucks

    Why kill it, though? Why even make it a jailbreak? Why not just let RT be it's own OS, instead of being a partial slice of actual grown-up Windows? Why does Microsoft care if I run software on a tablet I bought? It's not like it's something you can do by accident, and open yourself up to...
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    Surface Pro 2 Charger Port Scratches

    Not trying to sound like a hater, or a snob, or whatever negative word you want to use, but all those sticker/vinyl cover things look tacky as hell. It's like, you buy this beautiful device, and cover it with stickers like it's a trapper keeper. Whyyyy. It looks worse than any wear and tear...
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    New Surface owners! REGISTER YOUR DEVICES

    Many thanks. I never would have remembered to do this. Also didn't know about the service plan. For 150 it seems like a great deal. Just not having to worry about dropping the thing is worth it. Even with a deductible.
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    SPro Accessories

    Personal feeling is that the keyboards are way too expensive. The type cover is nice and all, but its a keyboard. 130 for a laptop keyboard. Its not even wireless. It is crazy.
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    Well, This Sucks

    If MS just let people develop .net apps for rt without having to jailbreak I think there would be a lot more reason to consider one, but my local area is the same way. Pro2 sold out all over, enough RT to build a fort put of. Shame.

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