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    [GIVEAWAY] Pen, Sleeve and Micro SD

    1) Rayman Jungle Run - $2.99 2) (digitally imported) - free 3) WinBeta - free
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    Surface Looks Good When...

    Placed under the tree :D
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    Bing App's Daily Picture

    lol I warmed up to Bing in 2 months before my purchase of Surface RT. Bing rocks. Google, imo, still have a little more specificity in their search, but it is nearly the same as Bing, but not as fast.
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    Multi Player Casual Games

    Great Big War Game is really fun. Turn by turn strategy you can play online against any platform: iOS, Windows, or Android. Send me a friend request, my username is archabist or ARCHABIST
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    SNES Emulator is Out!

    very very cool. Can't wait until N64 emulators are out
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    MS Surface Forums advertising

    I went to an iPad forum and it had Windows 8 commercials on it so I think it is fair game. Don't want to becoming anti-anything
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    Picture Password

    I make it so that the gestures are close together, so that it is harder for people to see what I am doing.
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    New Up dates today 12\11

    weird, it was 4 rows, but after lock screen, it went back to 3
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    New Up dates today 12\11

    Hey guys. I just updated all features, including the one they unchecked on windows update control panel. I now have four rows instead of three on my start screen. So far so good. Pretty slick.
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    [How to] Use Surface RT as a Note-taking Netbook Replacement

    Taking Notes as a Netbook: Picture Password 0:46 Pseudo-Palm Blocking 1:08 Note-taking by typing 2:22 Taking notes with Screen Clippings 5:53 Taking notes with Windows 8 Search and Screen Clipping 11:14 Wireless Printing 15:40
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    Microsoft Word can't keep up with my typing

    Did you update it? Go to control panel, find windows update, and update office there.
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    Huffington Post Blog

    Generally, anyone who is not a tech reviewer have given the Microsoft Surface better reviews than those that are. Check out the following images I have screenshotted. Look at Tech Rating vs User's Rating: Surface Reviews VERSUS iPad Reviews
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    Working with the Surface pluged to the wall (Electricity) all the time

    The only thing you have to worry about is it heating up. I was playing a game with it plugged in and it heated up after 3 hours so I stopped.
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    Actually Got a Defective Surface RT

    Yes, that is what I meant lol
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    Actually Got a Defective Surface RT

    Last week, car battery died. Went to dealership, got a new battery. Today, Surface Tablet has defect with headphones. Went to Microsoft Store, got a new Surface Tablet. All this time, I have been raving about my new Surface so much I forgot to test out the headphones haha. But I went to...

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