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    I Love Their Mice and Am Interested

    Out of all windows tablets this is the one I am most interested in. It has the power that I need to consider it my workhorse. If only surface pro was offered to upgrade to an i7 processor and 8 gigs of ram, I would gladly pay the difference. The only thing I question about the razor edge is its...
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    New 128gb iPad released

    Why cough up 799+ for a wifi only ipad with 128gb, when you can spend 599 on a Surface RT with a touch cover, and go buy a 1Tb external Hard drive. Surface has Office on it. If you want to compare apples to apples the ipad and the surface rt are the ones to compare. Not an ARM cpu tablet(iPad)...
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    MS Offering Upgrade from RT to Pro for Difference in Price?

    If this program does exist, which I hope it does, it seems strange to have such a program. I mean, they would be cannibalizing their own product line.
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    Tips on cleaning touch cover?

    Microsoft advises using warm water with soap and a lint free cloth, but I was wondering if anyone has their own way of doing it. I really want a white touch cover to switch out for my black one, but maintaining is a concern.
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    Windows 8 Media Player

    I checked the publisher, and Im kinda put off. The only other media player Im interested in is Link+ which has rave reviews apparently.
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    Windows 8 Media Player

    I think Ill take one for the team and download it ;)
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    How many NEED or WANT a Surface Pro

    You know, it really appeals to me, but I really need something with more power. If it could be upgraded to 8gb of ram, and even a i7 processor, Im completely willing to pay the premium.
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    Store Won't Load

    This happens maybe 1/5 times I open the store. Enough to post about it and see if anyone else suffers from this occasionally.
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    Store Won't Load

    When I try to open up the store app it just constantly loads, but never gets farther than that.
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    So Why Can't We Install Apps on SD Card?

    Im sure there is some way to do this. Atleast on paper.
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    Custom Lock Screen

    I second that. Ive had a custom lock screen of a while now :) However I would like to know what was included in the new firmware update.
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    about to give up : (

    I keep all my music on my sd card, no need to keep it on the HD :)
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    Whenever I run music app in backround while playing music, the music gets quieter.

    First time I noticed this issue. It seems to have been doing this in recent days, maybe 2 days tops. Any suggestions to fix this?
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    Article Stating Weak Microsoft Surface Sales......What Do You Think?

    For a device that has a completely brand new OS and hardware, and has sub par exposure for the only 2 months that its been available, being sold at only 2 major retail stores and 13+ Microsoft stores and online, I think sales went as expected if not better.

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