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    Surface 3 finally dead!

    I couldn't afford a new Surface as I was budget restricted, and the new tablet was under $500 (but more than I budgeted for) and was the only one under $500 that would read the portable hard drive (even though an adaptor is required).
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    Surface 3 finally dead!

    Have found out the battery is the culprit, so rather than root around with it, I just went and bought another tablet.
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    Surface 3 finally dead!

    I was interstate and watching some videos when I noticed that my Surface 3 had become detached from the bottom of the frame. It was also pointed out that the whole screen had bulged outward, but the Surface still operated. I was able to transfer all files back to my laptop and will use that...
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    128GB MicroSD card keeps unmounting/crashing

    I use a 64GB card in my tablet, but I only have music stored on it so it's not a problem. I use my tablet to download photos from sporting events on the day, but I edit the photos on my laptop. I delete any and all photos from my tablet once I get home. I do have a problem when I plug in a...
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    Best Browser

    Firefox! I use Firefox as my browser of choice on not only my tablet but my laptop, my wife's laptop, my 2-in-1, my sister-in-law's laptops, and any other computer I have to maintain.
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    Surface 3 and Facebook.

    I didn't give up photography because of FB, but due to having to sit in the cold with an arthritic condition. It would take me the best part of two days to get where I was before the shoot, and as it takes a heat bag just to get my knees comfortable enough to sleep, I found it best to give up...
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    Surface 3 and Facebook.

    Now that I have stopped taking photographs that needed to be put online, I have no need for FB. I have kept my account open in case I decide on taking photos of the local cricket, but FB doesn't interest me any more.
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    Surface 3 and Facebook.

    I don't do photography as a business, more amateur than anything, but as I 'work' with a lot of dumb f**ks (you know what they say about footballers, especially regional footballers!) and they all know how to access FB, that is my outlet. I need somewhere that allows a lot of storage and...
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    Surface 3 and Facebook.

    With FB now claiming everything as theirs, site performance just doesn't compute!
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    Surface 3 and Facebook.

    I use the Facebook website on Firefox. I guessed that FB was a resources hog as my laptop would often slow down (enough to prevent YouTube videos from opening) but not make the browser unresponsive. I have 'asked' the mods at FB by they seem to be too busy to deal with my problem. Thx for...
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    SP3 - No audio when connecting to TV

    Do you have the right codecs? I use the full K-Lite codec set (and VLC as a back-up) and my videos play and sound perfect on the TV (via display port > HDMI cable) or projector (same set-up).
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    Surface 3 and Facebook.

    Having recently created a Facebook account, I have found that the longer one has Facebook open, the worse the performance of the S3 gets. For example, I can be scrolling through FB when slowly, each page takes longer to open. Then a video wont play, or it stops the browser (Firefox) from...
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    Anyone got the new Win 10 update on (creators) - how does it run?

    I can report, for a fact, that the 'creators' version of W10 does NOT recognise our TP-LINK modem, whereas prior to the upgrade the modem worked like a charm. We have had to revert to an older (Telstra) locked modem which after a bit of fiddling and manipulating, got us back on line, albeit a...
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    List of Lumia Phones that will Take Windows 10 Eventually

    Funny how the Google Store works fine with my W10/Firefox laptop but not my W10 Nokia phone! Then again, some apps DO actually work on my phone whereas the important one's don't. I'm beginning to think that my phone ISP (Telstra) is playing silly buggers as they prevented all online access to...
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    Video watching screen glitch

    Could be the reason you got it second hand! I use the K=Lite Codec Pack and have never had a problem with any video. All my videos are associated to this (opens with MPC-HC x64) and each video opens in full screen. You can get the codec pack via ninite.

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