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    Microsoft Might be Forced Into a Move that Could Kill the Surface Tablets

    People always like to talk about how the ipad has more apps. Apps really aren't that important on a tablet, at least not to me. Apps are great for phones where you have a small screen, but with the Surface, you have a large screen that is great for web browsing meaning that you don't really need...
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    Any problems using this memory card in my S2P ?

    I use the 32gb version in my Surface RT with no problems at all, so I don't foresee any issues with the 64gb version.
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    Hello All from Liverpool UK

    Welcome to the forums. I am sure you will enjoy your new Surface device as do I.
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    My Surface Pro 2

    Might I ask what stand you are using for your Surface?
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    Use Surface while lying down?

    I lie in bed all the time with the surface on my chest to read things. I have no issues with it at all.
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    32GB Surface RT for $199.99 on Black Friday

    Fry's has 32GB RT with touch cover for $229.99 on Black Friday. Fry's Electronics Black Friday Ad for Fry's Electronics Black Friday 2013 at UPDATE (To avoid triple posting): eBay is supposed to have the 32gb RT for $169.99 on Thanksgiving Day...
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    32GB Surface RT for $199.99 on Black Friday

    I am afraid that you sir are correct. However, I will continue to keep my eyes peeled for deals!
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    Surface 3... what do you want!?

    RT: Active Digitizer is a must for me. Another USB Port would be super handy. Full Size HDMI out would be great GPS Starting Price of $350 with keyboard Pro: Thinner and Lighter of Course The mentioned i7 with dedicated graphics would be cool, but not a must. With a lower price for the RT like...
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    Greetings from Cold Alberta

    Good to see that you are really enjoying your SP2. Welcome to the forums!
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    With killing spree looming, Elop’s rivals at Microsoft strike first

    This is why I really hope that they bring in Alan Mulally.
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    FLIPBOARD for Windows 8.1 finally released!

    I just downloaded the app, and I must say that I don't like it all. For me, Pulse works way better. Pulse is much more user friendly and just seems like an overall better app.
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    32GB Surface RT for $199.99 on Black Friday

    Yeah I am really hoping for a Surface Pro deal online.
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    32GB Surface RT for $199.99 on Black Friday

    Staples just posted their ad and they have the 32gb RT for $249.99 with touch cover included. However, the picture shows the type cover not the touch cover... Staples Black Friday Ad for Staples Black Friday 2013 at Sorry for double post.
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    32GB Surface RT for $199.99 on Black Friday

    That is what I was hoping for, first generation pro deals. Guess we will have to keep waiting...
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    32GB Surface RT for $199.99 on Black Friday

    Best Buy is selling the 32GB Surface RT for $199.99 on Black Friday. Here is the ad scan Best Buy Black Friday Ad for Best Buy Black Friday 2013 at

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