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    Surface Pro keeps forgetting network drives; now can't map any.

    I have a NAS attached to my Surface and ever since day one, it almost always loses the mapping when I turn it off. I have gotten so used to manually re-mapping the drive every day when I turn the thing on that it has become ingrained in my muscle memory and I could do it blindfolded. But not...
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    "New" Surface Pro Keyboard - suddenly a group of keys doesn't work

    I put the word "new" in quotes because I actually bought it about two years ago when I bought my SP3, tried the keyboard for a day or two and then put the keyboard back in the box because I decided to use a full size wireless keyboard instead. So it's not technically new but it does not have...
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    New Surface Pro's different operating modes

    I am looking at the specs online (see snapshot below) and it says the device goes into "laptop mode" when the kickstand is opened and keyboard attached. When the kickstand is closed and keyboard detached, apparently the device goes into tablet mode. Are these hard and fast requirements for...
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    New Surface 3. Free upgrade Win8 -> 10 still possible?

    I've since discovered this MS Answers article that seems to say Win 10 is automagically delivered to Win 7 and 8.1 users as part of the normal Windows update process. I guess that means it'll be hard NOT to have Win 10 if you've got auto-update turned on. How to upgrade to Windows 10 from...
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    New Surface 3. Free upgrade Win8 -> 10 still possible?

    Now that the Surface 4 is out, lots of places are unloading their 3s at rock bottom prices. I'd like to pick one up but can I still get the free upgrade to Windows 10?

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