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    How to disable touchpad??

    I am on my 3rd surface keyboard. I have a surface pro 2 and have had 2 type touch keyboards and now have a type keyboard. I have started to use a wireless mouse and like it much better than the touchpad. If I could disable the touchpad, life would be good. Something about my typing, I am...
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    Touch Type Pad 2 issues

    Received the replacement keyboard on Christmas eve. Kind of nice and a big improvement over the original keyboard. Problems with the keyboard seem to be resolved. Now if we can get the firmware issues resolved, we may have a good machine. Unit does a reboot most of the time rather than wake...
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    Touch Type Pad 2 issues

    Unit is problematic since new. Touchpad is erratic. Pointer jumps all over the place. Updated firmware recently and system is even more erratic. CTRL key locks up a lot. Some times the touch pad ceases to function. I can usually power the unit off and restart to clear the issues. What...
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    Surface Pro 2 issues, touch type 2

    new surface pro 2 with all updates for windows and firmware installed. Unit was delivered on day 1. Touchpad is impossible to work with, way to sensitive. Cursor jumps all over the place. Typing is unreliable as the cursor jumps all over the place. The left and right clicker are unreliable...
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    Surface vs laptop??

    I bought the surface pro 2 with 256gb disc/8gb memory. I have office 2013 and QuickBooks 2013. I find it plenty fast, but it is buggy. The touch type 2 keyboard is awful, ie the touchpad is unmanageable. System has display issues and sleep issues. The biggest problem is that it does not...

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