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    My one annoyance with my SB (backlit keyboard)

    It's a small one but annoying all the same. I with the color of the keys were not silver. I can type medium speed but I usually look at the keyboard while typing. The problem is that everyday I have to enable/disable the backlit keys. In the light, I have to turn it off so I can see the...
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    Anyone actually use the rear camera

    I feel exactly the same. My Galaxy S7 takes fantastic photos. Even of whiteboards. Front camera? Critical for video capture, no question. Rear camera? Nice to have, not critical for me.
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    Flashing window oddity

    It seems so. It wasn't there until recently. Living in the Middle East, I must be vigilant about intrusions. I use Windscribe for blocking trackers and VPN, and also use KeyScrambler to hide keysctrokes (which is having problems with W10 lately). Can't ever be too cautious. :cool:
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    Flashing window oddity

    Ok, I was able to record the popup window. In the title bar of the window it has "C:\Windows\System32\SurfaceSystem.exe" I can't be the only one that sees this. /ON EDIT I'm not the only one... Anyone know what "SurfaceService.exe" does?
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    Flashing window oddity

    My Surface Book is doing something odd. Every now and then, typically right after booting up, I see a window pop open and close immediately. It's just a blip. Kinda looks like a comand prompt window. Seems to be part of the boot up sequence. Anyone else have this happen? It made me think...
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    Anniversary update bug

    Pressing the Windows key seemed to "restart" the task bar. But still the notification remains.
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    Anniversary update bug

    I have the same issue. Not using insider updates. I have done a complete system reset and it seems to be gone. For now. Very buggy update for me.
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    "Autorotate On" message

    Under System > Display. there's an option to lock rotation. Try that.
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    "Autorotate On" message

    happens to me too. same config. no solution.
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    Can't get latest update

    A couple basic questions... Have you rebooted and retried it? Are you within the US? I've had issues updating mine when traveling, so I use VPN to change my location.
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    "Surface Detach: Action Required" searchprotocolhost

    I am getting this too, when trying to detach. I have to reboot to detach. Any advice?
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    Firmware Update 2 Dec

    Since the update I've had two BSODs. They happened when I boot up. I rarely just close the lid and put it to sleep. I usually shut it down. For some reason when I just close the lid, the fans will kick on sometimes and the battery is killed. So no more sleeping. Shutting down is fast...
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    HowTo Finger Tips - Windows 10 with Trackpad

    Is there a shortcut for Back Page?
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    Firmware Update 2 Dec

    So far so good. Today I downloaded another cumulative update. Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3116908)
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    Good Bag, Thank Goodness