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    Sometime Surface will not start up.

    My surface also does not give any battery warning...just shuts down. I have checked the setting and it is supposed to warn me at 4 does not.
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    I Miss My Surface

    Once Vista was/is fully patched it's very stable...I too, never had issues with it except that hardware manufacturers wouldn't write drivers for it on a timely basis or at all...couple that with the bad press and the fickle user base and it got a bad rap...that and of course you had to patch it...
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    Microsoft Silverlight - LOVEFilm Instant

    This is just Java support, flaky flash support....why would they design the Rt this way when it's prime use is as a web device??? This I am upset about....
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    Amazon Prime Instant Videos

    So no Java...flaky flash Silverlight either?? Seems ill designed on a tablet who's main task will be an internet browser....I sure hope this is going to be addressed in updates...the web is heavy with this stuff and it needs to function seamlessly on a tablet like surface, even the...
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    Post Screenshots Here!

    Surface rt, IE
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    java on surface???..Also 32GB Sandisk microSD for $24.95@Staples this weekend!!

    Staples has a SanDisk class 4 (4MB per sec.) 32GB micro SD card on sale for $24.95 this weekend, and combined with their 15% off bag sale tomorrow,'s a killer deal. (orig. $79.95). Bought one today and it's plenty fast and easy to set up as additional storage.Having issues when...
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    Post Screenshots Here!

    Unable to upload an image...status bar just keeps circling in the upload manager window...any thoughts??
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    Does Anyone Else Have This Issue.......?

    Those brands are considered audiophile brands here in the U.S....they are not 'consumer' level products and are not commonly marketed. If you search them out they are readily available (albeit at a premium price point).. the majority of 'consumer' buyers in this country would not seek them out...
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    any one else?...screen zooming in randomly when just scrolling with finger

    When touch scrolling pages during browsing with my right hand, occasionally and randomly, the screen will zoom and I need to double tap to revert back...looked for a setting to change or turn off to no avail....anyone??:confused:
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    Does Anyone Else Have This Issue.......?

    Not sure why you would call them a waste..especially if you have kids...perhaps it's in your budget to spend more..but for the money they sound very good and fit well...and my two girls go through 3-5 pairs a girls wanted "beats"... until I explained the hype and let them listen to my...
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    The deadly school shooting

    I live 5 minutes from this town, my wife and I used the SandyHook Laundromat a weekend before this despicable act took place, and to have this hit so close to home was pretty earth shattering for us and my kids. There are many theories, many unanswered questions, but arming our schools may be a...
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    Does Anyone Else Have This Issue.......?

    get some decent earbuds..... Good sounding speakers require space and amplification ...amplification uses battery power up quickly..I like a good set of earbuds which have the added bonus of noise cancelling the outside din. Not the apple type, which are notoriously too big and quite...
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    New Owner from CT (USA)...Hello to All

    Found the site through a Google search.. nice to see a gathering place for us...wife bought me an Rt for Xmas..had a kindle fire rooted with Burrito for a year or so..loving the surface...sleek, fast, very nice display...trying to fit it in among the iPhone, laptop, desktop, planning to pass the...

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