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    Well dang.. finally dropped it

    Yeah, but if the screen is already busted i don't have to worry about damaging it. ;) Looks like new screens are about $200. The bigger problem is the corners are bent slightly, so I'd need to be able get the bend out before putting the new screen on. And just like that the new one I bought...
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    Huge LAN Networking Issue with Win 10

    Does anyone know what the resolution for this is? I've been trying every suggestion I've found - smb, reset network, uninstall drivers, etc - and nothing has worked. I got my new replacement SP3 yesterday and it just won't find any other computers on the network. The old SP3 works just fine, so...
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    Well dang.. finally dropped it

    Yup. I've had the SP3 since its launch and while it has has a few small drops, this time it finally cracked the screen in both corners. The left crack is only on the bezel and corner, but I noticed one on the right that went into the screen area. Now the touch screen doesn't work at all. Is...
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    New Firmware Update 9/29

    I've tried it twice now and the firmware just won't install. I got back to back blue screens and then was forced to do a restore both times. I'm running Avast and will disable it the third time to see if that helps.
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    Solved RunOnce and other fun after windows update

    I've had this happen several times too. It appears to freeze at the "Restarting" screen. I used to do a hard reset and then decided to leave it once. Took about 15-20min before actually restarting.
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    Warranty Question

    Exactly. I actually doubled down for warranties on my SP3. The retailer I bought it from offered me a 3yr warranty that was essentially the same as the default MS warranty sans screen breakage - unless it can be proven a defect. This was offered at $300 to which I asked if they'd throw in a...
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    Photoshop CS5 on SP3

    I've found bumping the resolution down helps, but cc is the only way to go. And it's not just PS, most legacy software has the problem due to the pixel density.
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    Some Strange Behaviors Since Patch Tuesday

    A shot in the dark, but try deleting/forgetting the connection and then reconnecting.
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    Thermal Imaging "map" of i7-based Surface Pro 3

    Install and run Asphalt 8, and then make a heat map while its running. That should give you some egg cooking temps ;-)
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    Pro 3 Not for Google Users

    Not entirely. Google dropped support for EAS last year and the mail app won't work with many corp accounts because of this. A previous post in this thread recommended Metromail and OneCalendar. I've tried these out now and OneCalendar worlds like a charm. MetroMail works too, but is still a...
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    So some quick i5 or i7 advice? Return the i5 for i7.

    IMO, the i7 doesn't justify the cost-to-performance gains over the i5. Hyper threading is a waste on a tablet like this. If you really need hyper threading, you should be using a laptop(better cooling system) or desktop over this form factor.
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    Pro 3 Not for Google Users

    Yeah, why not just install chrome?
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    Pro 3 Not for Google Users

    You won't be able to do any Google stuff in metro; there are not any official Google metro apps (and likely won't be anytime soon) outside of their search. However you can use the desktop and access Google stuff that way. Such as Google sync or drive sync.
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    Restore i5 SP3 image onto i7 SP3

    This is exactly what I do too with Acronis. Win7 can be registered A LOT. You just have to know how to jump through the hoops. As for the OP's question, I dont see why you couldn't, but you might need a 3rd party app to do it easier. Activating/registering Win might be the only prob.
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    What photo editing program is recommended for Surface Pro 3's HiDPI screen?

    What kind of photo editing do you plan on doing? There are a number of metro apps that have basic edit/filter features built in, including...... Photoshop Express.

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