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    how do you protect your surface 3?

    My homemade fiber carbon/glass/polystyrene sleeve, light and very strong. I've done 3 crash test (not voluntarily) falling my SP3 1,20m high from my backpacker and no problem. ...
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    Disable the touch screen to use the pen

    Hi I'have done a Toggle to switch between enable/disable touch screen with the Powershell of Francis. I took my inspiration from Windows 8: Create a toggle touch screen button | JoeQuery You'll also need to install Devcon Command before running the script (the file devcon.exe is included when...
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    Disable the touch screen to use the pen

    Thank you Francis , exactly what I need. ThenSP3 is "like a paper sheet" now I tried to do the same thing using Devcon function I wrote this little batch file :: Desactive écran Tactile @echo off Devcon disable HID_DEVICE_UP:000D_U:0004 exit The HID-compliant touch screen device remain...
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    Sleeves/case for bare SP3?

    Thanks Nitric, I make it because I commute every day with the SP3 on the Top Case of my motorbike or in my backpack and I was needing something stronger than what I could find in the market, but not too heavy ;-)
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    Sleeves/case for bare SP3?

    My homemade fiber carbon/fibre glass /polystyrene sleeve case[emoji1] . Strong and light..
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    Travel Case for Surface Pro 3

    My Fiber Carbon/Fiber Glass/Polystyrene homemade Travel Case. Light , strong and discreet...
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    Anyone able to create hotspot on Surface Pro 3?

    I suppose you want to create it as Ad-Hoc Network See this topic , it's not exactly the same , in my case I was trying to tethering with my mobile phone , but the problem comes from the same.
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    I'm leaving surface forever! (For Now)

    "Never Say Never Again" MisterbOnd☺☺. Sorry for your bad experience, I'm fully happy with my SP3, smallest and lightest than a Macbook. The possibility to remove the keyboard and have a touch screen is now mandatory for me after 4 months experience. (I use it 20% of the time as full touch...
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    play music from android phone

    Did you tried VLC Direct?
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    best android emulator

    Bluestacks is working pretty well, with good integration inside Windows (direct access to the app from Windows desktop)
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    Surface Pro 4 - wishlists!

    Better WiFi card (that allows enabling ad-hoc for instance) Lighter 2nd USB more powerful (now some devices need external power source to work). Solving some resolution display (software) The rest is perfect for me
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    Beware of Andy

    But the problem is that Bluestacks is not free anymore .... 24$/year Except if you accept to download commercial... . Finally I paid because it works well, I daily use Ultimate Guitar, Google Books, and often Alpinequest Android apps
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    Beware of Andy

    I'll try DuoOS but actually for testing because I am fully satisfied with Bluestacks
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    Beware of Andy

    Yes I removed Andy too. Now I use Bluestacks which is working perfectly fine on SP3. (I think they improved the version because it was not so good a couple of months ago)

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