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    Surface Pro 3 competitors? list it!

    the main competitor is ..... sp4. I returned my sp3 and waiting for sp4.
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    How to overcome the lack of DVD reader in your Surface Pro 3

    I only buy blu-ray movies, I don't think upscaling dvd to 1080p is good enough. I'm using the freeware from to backup blu-rays to harddrive as "blu-ray folder", but there are many alternatives. usually the freeware takes 30 minutes to backup one blu-ray disc, the paid version...
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    How to overcome the lack of DVD reader in your Surface Pro 3

    I have been building my collection on an external ssd. I had a collection but since sp3 changed the form factor I decided to rebuilt it with "full screen 1080p" resolution to use sp3 screen better. I encoded the movie with handbrake in x.264, each movie is about 7-10 gig with my acceptable...
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    Surface team uses... Surface

    no way he can design the chassis for sp3 using sp3, it must be a joke :confused:
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    Too Heavy to Carry Around - A Good Thing

    try flipboard too. it's really nice on sp3, and free. the weight of sp3 is marginally comfortable for reading. it's fine for me, but not for my wife and daughter, they feel it's too heavy. I don't expect sp4 would change in weight and thickness, so if it's a little bit over your comfort zone...
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    Postponing Gratification....

    yes, at the sp4 announcement, panay will project a video clip on the big screen show the a benchmark chart elapsed for 24 hours and no throttling. "no performance drop", he says, then audience applaud.
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    Postponing Gratification....

    true. I've waiting since 2006, microsoft quietly launched a mystery website called "origami" and rumor said it's a tablet windows pc. I have pinned my hope on every windows tablet announced ever since and been disappointed every time. the first time it seems getting close was the samsung 7...
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    App Recomendations?

    try Flipboard, it's really good.
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    Surface Pro 3 Glass/possibly heat issues

    doubt it's the heat. if it was the heat the circle would be on the right half of the screen.
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    SP4 Wish List

    in the real world the scenario is more like this: if the chassis/cooling allows 10w heat dissipation, all those 4 processors will be throttled at 10w (assuming these numbers were at full speed): i5 4300u = 3740 * (10/15) = 2493 i5 4300y = 2508 * (10/11.5) = 2180 i7 4610y = 3655 * (10/11.5) =...
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    Surprisingly Bad Gaming Performance

    devices like sp3 use different approach. the designs are based on sdp, and throttled way below the tdp so the tdp number is not even a topic for sp3.
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    Photoshop 2014 Scaling on Surface Pro 3

    before I return my sp3, I'm experimenting more because I think some of these stuff would be applicable to sp4. the original photoshop scales terribly make it virtually unusable on high resolution screen like sp3. some good folks found a way to use external manifest to solve the problem...
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    SP4 Wish List

    full power usb carl zeiss len for rear camera thunderbolt
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    SP3 i5 or i7 for Graphic Design Student/Artist?

    I'll return it and check it out when sp4 come out, live with my thinkpad and sp1 combo for another 8 months.
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    SP3 i5 or i7 for Graphic Design Student/Artist?

    I like the car analog, and I used it many times.:D I'm not beating up a lexus to run like ferrari, I'm asking a lexus ls accelerate faster than a lexus es, and don't fall behind the es in a long run. but many people keep saying they never had a problem to drive their lexus es to walmart for...

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