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    Music app

    Try running the recent updates, they have really improved the performance of the music app. Go into desktop to check for updates.
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    Yahoo App Out Now

    Better than the native windows app.
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    Microsoft Surface May Come to Retail Chains Before Christmas

    Best move for them. Anyone that explores a surface will want to buy it, but if they have no way of exploring, MS has no chance.
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    Hello from Texas

    Congrats, welcome to the club.
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    Three new Microsoft Surface tablets to launch in 2013?

    Why rush so many models to market in one year? No one will understand the differences. Just do the pro and Xbox versions and spend the rest of your time improving apps and the ecosystem.
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    Stylus for RT

    Some stylus do work with Windows RT. Microsoft stores are selling the compatible stylus.
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    My Favorite Unexpected Thing About Surface

    I am totally impressed by how good the hardware/software is (Windows 8). I am also dissatisfied with how bad some of the apps are, the music app comes to mind. Microsoft could've waited until January to release both the Surface RT and Pro and have all of their apps out of BETA. I mean you have...
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    New ESPN App Out

    The app looks good, but has recently started to crash. I really like the customization of favorites teams and I like how you can add your favorite team as a tile.
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    New ESPN App Out

    The app looks good so far.
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    Thanks. I will try those, but I am frustrated that MS didn't make the mail app as good as or outlook or the Apple mail app. Mail/work productivity is their niche, so trying to get cute with an app is a waste. Sent from my Windows 8 device using Board Express
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    With taking off, why doesn't micrososft just make the mail client app work exactly like it? I don't understand the thought process behind half baking the mail app. I need a flag button on any mail app. MS just rolled out a app for Android, are they serious going to...
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    twitter apps

    Honestly, I use the people app and just filter it for Facebook & twitter. Twitter handicapped the third party players, but thief app should be out soon. Sent from my Windows 8 device using Board Express

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