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    I am indeed, which is why I posted this thread under RT apps :). All I hear in the dropbox forum is that I'm SOL, I was hoping someone here knew better. Still hoping.......
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    As far as I can tell, it didn't create any folder on my surface. And while I can certainly create a folder within my documents folder on the surface, that won't be the same as the dropbox folder in the cloud that includes all the files that my client and I have shared with each other, so it...
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    Calendar & Mail issues (separately and together)

    What a pain. Someone sends me an appointment invitation from outlook, it shows in my Mail, but when I click on the attached file, it seems to have lost the suffix and isn't recognized. so i have to go to outlook on the desktop and load it up, and then i can make an entry on my calendar. but...
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    I was glad to see the dropbox app available for this device, but am very unhappy with its apparent limitations. Hoping I'm just not doing something correctly; have wasted too much time trying to figure it out by myself, so hoping someone here has a similar setup and can help. 1. opening files...