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    Surface Pro 128Gb = $499 at BestBuy!!

    Got one too. Now I have a Pro and Surface 2. Price was too good not try it out.
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    Surface 2 camera problem

    If all else fails, I would call Support. I doubt that something is broken with the camera... it is not something I have read before on this forum.
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    Surface 2 Batttery Life

    I am beginning to wonder if maybe the culprit is the micro sd card. I have all my pictures, and music saved to my micro sd card... maybe this is impacting the battery life since the live tile is updating to show different pictures. Would there be any way to check the impact of the sd card on...
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    Surface 2 Batttery Life

    Is it not odd though that my battery's actual capacity is greater than the design capacity? The drain rates are pretty insane. I'll literally start using it with just IE and it will drop by 1-2% right away. My screen brightness is usually at 50%, but I've turned off auto brightness because it...
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    Touch Cover makes sound is it normal? :S

    My new touch cover is also having this same issue. So what is the verdict from others... do you also have this, or is this an anomaly? It is starting to annoy me the more and more I use it.
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    Surface 2 Batttery Life

    Thanks for the help. Here is my batter report. Can you please take a look and see if you agree with my observation that the battery is healthy, but the amount of battery life I am getting is low.
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    Surface 2 Batttery Life

    According to the battery report I am consistently seeing 6 hours of battery life since day one. What is odd though is the fact that it says my battery health is fine (at least that is my interpretation). I'd like to upload here for someone to read and interpret. Any recommendations on how to...
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    Surface 2 Batttery Life

    Yes, based on the battery report it has been consistent since the day I got my Surface. I can't seem to upload the html file or in word. How do I upload for you to view? Thanks.
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    Surface 2 Batttery Life

    I've noticed that my battery life with my surface has not been what I expected. What I didn't know was whether it was based on my usage, or whether it was an issue with the battery life. I've gone ahead and run a battery report and it points to how my full charge capacity is greater than the...
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    Reverse Scrolling Can't be Turned on with Touch Cover in Windws 8.1

    So I bought a touch cover to go along with my type cover 2. By default, reverse scrolling is turned off. With type cover 2, I am able to go into settings "mouse and touchpad" and turn on reverse scrolling in the "touch pad" section. With the touch cover, the surface does not show the "touch pad"...
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    Remote to Surface 2 from another computer

    The OP is starting a thread on this forum to get an answer. Why are you directing him to start another thread on the MS boards? I appreciate your eagerness to reply to every open thread with this same response, but that does nothing to help the OP. If you have an answer to his request then...
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    Use Surface while lying down?

    This is my preferred way to use the Surface. Plus the predictive text in windows 8.1 makes typing without a keyboard a breeze. The kickstand not only allows you to use the tablet hands free, but also eliminates the need of ever buying a case. You will be very pleased here. The kickstand
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    Questionable quality control, and my third RMA process.

    I agree with you for the most part. I had to return two iPads because of issues and also one iPhone. All the issues either had to do with dead pixels or scratches. With that said, the volume rocker issue is pretty inexcusable and seems widespread. It is as if the mold used is slightly larger in...
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    Volume level has dropped off

    Were you at max or near max volume? It was still pretty clear for me. You can also try with Xbox music... The good thing is that with the update, I don't need to go that loud, but I believe that was why they reduced the volume in the first place was to fix the crackle/ distortion. Makes me...
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    Questionable quality control, and my third RMA process.

    I've had loose volume rockers, chips in the silver paint (yes it is actually paint and not the natural color of the magnesium even though it is silver now), dead pixels. The first two issues should really never happen. It's amazing how inconsistent the physical build of this device is. I will...

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