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    Mail App in 8.1 Almost Unusable for Original RT

    I don't have any issues with the new mail app. Have it syncing my Hotmail, work and Gmail without issues. My Hotmail account is about 2gb..
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    Post Screenshots Here!

    Heres my win 8.1 start screen. Loving the small tiles.
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    Win 8.1 and RT 8.1 Impressions

    swipe in from right 0n start screen, settings>tiles. select show more tiles for 4 rows in start..
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    Cool things to do w/ Windows Phone 8, Xbox, and now Surface RT?

    I love browsing videos that are on my laptop with my surface RT and using the play to functionality in windows 8 to play them to the xbox then watch as all the movie info comes up in smart glass.
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    HowTo Enable Your Favourite Flash-Site in Metro IE10

    i don't seem to have a <flash> section at all in this file. I have a < NoFlash> section..but the site I am trying to use is not in there.
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    Skydrive and File Manager

    Tried that and it still won't map the drive. It gives me: but still says it can't find it. :(. Tried it with a folder name on the end as well.[edit] strangely I can add this as a network location, just can't map it as a drive...
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    Skydrive and File Manager

    stupid question, but how do I find the network address of my skydrive. I have tried a few things but nothing seems to work when mapping a network drive...:(
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    Headset or Earbuds

    i use sound magic E30's and they are great.
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    Tile Rows on Surface RT

    And its back. I turn it off most nights and when I turned it on this morning I had 4 rows again. Wonder how long it will last this time.. :) [edit]just out of interest I restarted again but it came back with 3 rows. Also when I had 4 rows and the screen went off it reverted to 3 when I...
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    duplicate entries in people app

    Still no resolution to this. I have linked all my accounts again, and linked contacts where possible bit still have 3 entries per person with 2 I can't delete or link. V annoying. [edit] upgraded my laptop to w8 now and there are no duplicates in the people app. so its surface specific...
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    Tile Rows on Surface RT

    It's gone now, back to 3 rows :( it is better use of the screen real estate IMO. Should be an option.
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    Tile Rows on Surface RT!2142&authkey=!AAQUS3tndzuzEZY lets see if this works.
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    Remote Desktop App

    laptop upgraded to w8 and remote desktop is a go. thanks for all the help, going to be extra useful for some of my work stuff. :)
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    Tile Rows on Surface RT

    I currently have 4 rows of tiles. Power up from cold. Looks much a screen shot but can't seem to post them from my surface.
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    Remote Desktop App

    I am upgrading to w8 as we speak, will give remote desktop another go when its done

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