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    Surface Pen double-taps when holding it a certain way

    Hey guys, I would like to know if my SP4 pen is normal or defective so I'm asking you guys to try this for me. Grip only the top end of the pen (that is, the removable gray cap with the clip). Tap your screen once and tell me if you experience double-tapping. You can open the virtual touch...
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    Surface Pro 4 Signature Type Cover - New

    I really am liking the new signature type cover. The color matches the tablet and pen. Unlike the others, it's not a boring monochromatic color--the two-tone gray gives it a more natural look like a stone marble. The underside has a really velvet-esque texture. Lastly, the back-light compliments...
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    Standard charger with Surface pro 4

    It should be noted--at least with the SP4 i7 model that I have-- that the 36 W may not provide enough power if you run several devices at once while gaming. It will start pulling power from the battery slowly or not charge at all despite being plugged in. It's just pulling in more power than...
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    FS: Surface Pro 4 Type Cover (Red)

    Used since Jan. 2016. Selling it for $70. Shipping included up to $4. Prefer U.S. residence, but can ship to Canada (you pay extra). Paypal only.

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