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    Surface Pro Future

    No LTE available for preorder but will be available? When? No USB-C due to backwards compatibility with dock Pen pressure 4x better with latency 21ms vs 45ms. 50% longer battery regardless of how you measure it. Fanless cooling? Like to know how! More copper than SP4? All software controlled...
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    Norton FINALLY compatible

    With the Windows 10 Creator's Update, Edge is FINALLY compatible with Norton! I have owned a Surface Pro4 since Oct of 2015 waiting for this! Now I am starting to migrate from Chrome to Edge. Unfortunately, I saved by website passwords in Chrome NOT Norton Vault. Chrome does not make it easy...
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    Using Surface Pro 4 Pen as a mouse in PowerPoint 2016 instead of inking

    This change occurred after the February firmware updates. I was using the pen as a mouse in Excel (on SP4) prior to that update & now can no longer. I will upvote this issue as well!
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    Working Like A Charm

    SP4 i5 256 8 lot#1541 here. I have had to reset windows 2x, after each major update (November, February). Have tried the DISM restorehealth process, but the source file error occurs. Do you happen to know where this Win 10 image file is located so that I can point to the source? I imagine...
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    Surface Pro 4 Lot Numbers

    i5 256 8 lot#1541 has had to be reset 2x, once after the v1511 update and partial rollback & once after the Feb 12 Firmware & other updates
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    Issues post 17/02 update

    After the February 17 update, the App Store will not update the apps. The apps download fine, but then during installation, each app receives a 0x80070490 error. Tried the following without any success : 1. Reboot 2. Restart to UEFI then restart 3. App troubleshooter 4. SFC scan 5. DIMS...
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    Issues post 17/02 update

    Apps within the Windows store will not update completely. They have no problem downloading, but during installation receive a 0x80070470 error code. Tried restart, UEFI restart and turning off Norton anti-virus to NO AVAIL.
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    HowTo Fix Maps App Shows No Roads problem

    The latest firmware update (Feb 17, 2016) included a Graphics driver for Intel Graphics 5## (version which was Microsoft's tweek of Intel's driver (version dated Dec 23, 2015 or 56 days ago. THIS UPDATE SOLVES THE MAPS APP NOT SHOWING ROADS FOR 114 DAYS...
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    New SP4 firmware out

    The Intel graphics update for HD 520 has fixed the Maps App. The maps within that app were not showing roads. After 114 days of the issue and after 56 days of Microsoft tweeking Intel driver .4352, THE ROADS ON THE MAPS APP SHOWS UP AND LOOKS AMAZING! THANK YOU MICROSOFT!!!
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    Firmware Update

    Forums on both Intel and Microsoft are reporting that there is an unverified (not in Windows update) general display adapter driver available on Intel's website for Integrated HD Graphics 515, 520, 530 & Iris 540 that SOLVES THE MAPS PROBLEM.
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    KB3124262 win10 update? minor/major?

    I can find no information on this update. Patiently waiting for major Intel HD 5## graphics and power balance updates. Does anyone know what this update is about?
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    New Intel drivers available

    In Rohan Thakkar [MSFT] post created November 24, 2015 dealing with graphics cards & the Windows 10 Maps App: Windows 10 Maps App sometimes does not show the streets or roads on the map he states : Update 1/8/16: We’ve been working on a fix, but the problem turned out to be a bit more complex...
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    Solved New Netflix app does not work properly on Surface Pro 4?

    SP4 i5 8G 256 Jan 10, 2016 had to un-install Netflix app then re-install -- app & movies work fine now.
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    HowTo Fix Maps App Shows No Roads problem

    Perhaps I can get reimbursed by Microsoft for jacking up my truck and buying oversized tires so "no roads show -- no problem!"
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    HowTo Fix Maps App Shows No Roads problem

    In regards to the Maps App graphics issue for Intel HD Graphics 510,515, 520, 530, Iris 540 & Iris 550 : Rohan Thakkar [MSFT] replied Jan 8, 2016 Update 1/8/16: We’ve been working on a fix, but the problem turned out to be a bit more complex than we’d anticipated. If you install the unverified...