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    SP1 Network adapter HARDWARE not connected to the computer

    Hello Everybody, I am very frustrated. Computer: Windows 8.1, Surface Pro Previous Steps: I was trying to get Motioninjoy to work with BT, but my BT wasn't working (PS3 connect to computer via BT). To try to fix this, I change a .inf file in MotionInjoy, but nowhere else. I installed...
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    8.1 Charms Bar, Search by App Missing?

    I realize this, but I have TONS of apps installed! The apps are supposed to be ALL listed on the charms bar wherever you are. Notice on the picture above that beneath the search bar is Apps, Settings, Files then a list of each actual app. Now look below, it just has a dropdown of Settings...
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    8.1 Charms Bar, Search by App Missing?

    Hello everybody, One of my favorite features of windows 8 was being able to open the Search Charm from anywhere, type a query, and click on an app to search in it. This is gone in windows 8.1!!!!!!!! How do I get it back?? (Note: documentation is found on the ForDummies Website.) Thanks! Adam
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    Microsoft Officially Unveils New Surface Pro 2

    Question: Is that 2.5 times the battery life, or 2.5 times MORE battery life (3.5 times) for the power cover? WOW!!! Microsoft killed it!! 4GB ---> 8GB Memory 1.75 times Battery life (8-9 hours!!!) Better kickstand Backlight type keyboard! Power cover: 2.5 times battery life (SP1 12.5hrs, SP2...
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    Touch Is Stuck, needs tap from pen to work again Help!:(

    The problem is reoccurring as I type. While single taps work just fine, right clicks (hold finger) and scrolling stops working. The scrolling is odd, because it will scroll some, but flicking doesn't work (in other words scrolling stops immediately after I lift my finger). Sometimes scrollong...
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    Surface Pro launches in Japan on June 7th, packs 256GB for the first time

    no way!!!!!! Are they releasing it in USA too?
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    Stylus with eraser?

    Thanks. If you would have stressed that you want a "more comfortable stylus," or that you owned a Surface, then I certainly wouldn't have pointed out the obvious. Actually, I shouldn't say obvious as I didn't realize the Surface pen had an eraser until a few days ago, but I don't own one. Based...
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    Stylus with eraser?

    The Surface Pen has this, and cost $30. The Surface PRO comes with one. Surface Pen | Digital Pen | Handwriting on Surface

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