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    System Firmware Update?

    Well I think the Surface Pen Settings rollback really did work because my SP3 has been running like a charm all afternoon. Thanks for the tip!
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    System Firmware Update?

    Well, rolling back the pen driver didn't seem to work. Over the weekend I had an issue with my wifi where it stopped working so I turned it off and then when I went to turn it back on, it wouldn't do so. Went it to settings and wouldn't turn on there either. Did a few resarts and even a system...
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    System Firmware Update?

    I'm having the exact issues everyone is stating here (BSOD). Seems like Microsoft sent out a bad update. It's getting really annoying especially as a college student and constantly needing my computer. I rolled back the Surface Pen Settings Driver and I'll see if that helps the issue.
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    System Running High RAM

    Freak. Well I don't have time at the moment to do that and probably won't for a week or so. I just hope nothing is seriously wrong with my SP3 and it's just a rouge app or something.....
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    System Running High RAM

    So strange. Could it be Edge that is causing it? I would close it but I'm in the middle of homework and can't close a window, guess I'll mess around a bit later.
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    System Running High RAM

    Lately I have been having issues where my SP3 is using a crazy amount of RAM and when I open task manager, it is always 'System.' It drives me crazy because my fans kick on and my computer is really hot. It mostly happens when I have my SP3 in the dock and I'm using it more as a desktop...
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    Edge on SP3

    So with Windows 10 finally being on my SP3, I thought it would be worth it to dive in and try to use all of Microsoft's apps it offers. I have always been a chrome user but I'm trying Edge out. So far I really like it (though I cannot wait for extension support). One thing that I have noticed...
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    I really want to try out Windows 10. It seems that these recent builds are getting quite stable. I created a system image today of my SP3 and made a recovery drive on a drive I had. Should both of those be a good safety net just in case I need/want to jump back to 8.1?
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    Clicking from speakers

    I've notice this has happened to me a few times over the past few months. Very strange.
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    [PHOTO] album of your Surface Pro 3 desk set up

    It was actually sheer luck. I'd been looking for a shelf for a while so I'd have a place to store my keyboard while doing homework and non computer related stuff. After browsing Ikea with no luck, I found their AS-IS section and they had a bunch of drawer fronts for a few bucks. Found one that...
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    [PHOTO] album of your Surface Pro 3 desk set up

    I've been working on this setup for a while now and love it. I've fixed the cables a bit so they look nicer now than in these photos. I'm pretty proud of it and needed to share it with someone!
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    Poll Touchpad vs Mouse for desktop use?

    I would die without my Logitech Performance MX. Yay for SP3 desktop setups! Would love to see a photo when you get it set up.
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    Post Your SP3 WiFi/Internet Issues Here

    So everything has been going fine with my SP3 since I bought it (did have a little bit of WI-FI troubles for a bit but an update took care of that a few months back). Well....since the last update my WI-FI has been horrible. I'm getting barely 2 mbps whereas my phone is getting 21 mbps in the...
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    Windows Button Customization

    So I was playing around with my SP3 today while connected to an external monitor, trying to get it to a happy point with the whole display scaling problem. While doing this (and I pretty much got it to a perfect point, finally!) I thought about the idea of when I hit the physical Windows button...
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    So, if I go with the Surface Pro 3, which one?

    When I was researching which SP3 to buy, I was leaning towards the i3 version but then after some thought, I ended up spending a bit more on the i5 with 8GB RAM. The reason behind this was mainly future proofing my purchase (I plan to use this all through college) and I was afraid of the small...

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