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    New Surface Pro

    It looks like Microsoft has a new Surface Pro after all
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    Microsoft Wireless Diplay

    Purchased at Best Buy. Tested on three different Flat Screens using SP3. Plug and play......No issues.
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    Anyone else having issues with pdf annotator?

    Drawboard works well.....
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    no network found...

    Still working here.....
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    no network found...

    Experienced the same issue two days ago. Spent over an hour with MS Support. Rep was poking and hoping. I finally gave up. Took the logical approach. Deleted the driver, reinstalled the July 16th firmware update and all has been fine.
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    Any Happy SP3 users?

    Old timer still kicking...Go back to the days of Univac 1005, IBM 1401, HP 200 and 2000, IBM 360, 370's, DG minis, DEC Minis, Wang Minis, Datapoint Minis, and just about every Micro Intels. Loved my Surface Pro, can't stay away from the Surface 3. Heavy user, meaning remote VPN access to my...
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    Surface Pro 3 Accessories

    The Plugable UD-3000 works perfectly with all my Surfaces (1 to 3). See Amazon.....
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    Best Buy Home Delivery Failure on Release Day

    Preordered form the MS Online Store on May 23rd...received all but the keyboard which is due to arrive on Monday (23rd).....
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    OFFICIAL I just got my SP3

    S3 is in ....keyboard is not.....S3 is it.....
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    Is there a manufacturer that makes a similar looking dock and external hard drive?

    Try the Plugable great with multiple devices connected.
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    5 in 1 Surface Adapter - Legit!

    A caveat should be in order from the manufacturer: not intended for external drives usb 2.0 or 3.0. I will still keep it!
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    5 in 1 Surface Adapter - Legit!

    Can you elaborate on that....
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    5 in 1 Surface Adapter - Legit!

    Works fine with USB Flash Drives, but tried 6 External Drives (2.0) .....Does not recognize them on my Surface Pro....also, fine with an ethernet dongle..; does not recognize an external 3.0 drive. BTW, all drives are recognized by the Surface Pro USB connection... Alas, but will keep it.
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    question about remote desktop

    RDP works seamlessly on the RT.. I have a client in the Caymans using a very i/o intensive accounting application developed by our company. I can log in to their terminal server without any issues and it flies......
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    Bluetooth Mouse Problems

    Microsoft Touch Mouse works without any problems with the RT and PRO.....

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