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    Check your Windows Store for 8.1

    I have the preview installed and I cannot find the RT 8.1 I do not see it in the Windows store. Really weird. Might have to restore to factory before I see it??
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    Surface RT advice needed...

    +1 on love my RT. Yes it has it quirks but honestly it's a nice OS and I do enjoy using it. It will only get better including the apps.
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    When is Surface getting new Apps!

    Here...I'll Start. I would like to see Facebook, American Express App, an actual you tube app, an actual facebook app, words for friends, Verizon Fios, Google Maps (the bing maps are so old, my neighbors house is being build and its been done for 4 years), HBOGO, Flixster where you can actually...
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    When is Surface getting new Apps!

    When are these surface units going to get new apps! This is turning into a crutch for the success of these thing. There should be hundreds hitting the store every day, but you wait a week and look and still nothing worth while. It's getting a little frustrating!!
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    And we wonder why reviews are so bad . . .

    can anyone say Lotus 123...Yuk!!
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    is there a way to print from RT

    ok, so I have my printer installed, now how do you print from a document that is not through the desktop and through the start screen? I opened up a pdf file from an email to view it, but there is no option to print. You kidding me?
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    is there a way to print from RT

    I chose an HP variant and it seems to be working. At least it printed a test page. Thanks All
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    is there a way to print from RT

    I have a printer on my home network, hooked up via network connection. Is there a way to set up the RT so I can print from it?
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    Great features of Windows RT that people may not know about...

    I just mapped my WHS music folder to the RT and they show up in the xbox music area. very nice. I did this for video's as well. The only issue I am having is having my pictures show up, but I am still working on it
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    My Surface RT review - beware it's a long one

    nice review. I feel the same way. Great tablet. The apps will come along. MS just has to get the word out of how you can use this tablet in the everyday word and stop showing the stupid dancing school girls. This is an extremely functional tablet, a lot better than the iPad. The iPad is a toy...
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    Windows RT and WHS

    so .wtv files need Silverlight?
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    My Surface Pro is probably going back.

    I know its not the pro, but with the 2 days I have had RT, everything works great, including the type cover..SNAP!!
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    Strange Bug

    Trying to post to this forum without using the type cover and using the keys on the Surface, you can't. Try this remove the cover, then try to post, the screen keyboard pops up, then disappears. Real Strange. Anyone else have this issue?
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    Windows RT and WHS

    can we get surface RT to play.wtv files. these files are media center recorded programs. I am connected via homegroup and can see the WHS server and the files. thanks

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