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  • When I use my serial number to download a recovery image it starts downloading a Windows 10 image only which is why I need a serial number of a Surface 3 which came with Windows 8.1.
    I will give my own serial number to you and you can use that to download Win10 again. Kindly reply at my email id.
    Massively trimmed down the message size for the previous post which is why it didn't make much sense. I purchased a Surface 3 about a fortnight ago and it came with Windows 10. I want to install Windows 8.1 for umpteen reasons but the clean ISO install didn't work properly.
    Hello, If you can please share the serial number of your particular device then I will be very grateful & can utilize that to get the Windows 8.1 image for myself. To gain your trust I will provide my own serial number to you BEFORE you do the same to confirm my genuineness.
    Kindly continue further conversation at:
    [email protected]
    hi cbutters, sorry for PM. but i m somehow helpless. since i saw ur post at one of the post, u have successfully recovered ur surface via "Surface3_BMR_10_4.50.0.zip", I assume u still have this. Can you please share this to me somehow? will be very happy and grateful ! thanks in advance. :)
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