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    WTS: Surface 3 in Mint Condition

    The unit has been sold. Thank you for looking. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTS: Surface 3 in Mint Condition

    Sorry missed the pictures.
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    WTS: Surface 3 in Mint Condition

    I am selling my 10 month old 4/128 Surface 3, with the blue type cover. It is in like new condition and hasn't been used much at all. It includes everything it came with including original boxes. Asking for $425 shipped but will consider other offers. PayPal only please. Please PM me if...
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    Travelling with the Surface 3 - Lessons Learned

    I just came back today after traveling for three weeks in India. Stayed in hotels and B&B. No problems connecting to wifi in any of these and also at airports. I also bought my Surface 3 for ease of travel with it.
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    Surface 3 Atom W 8.1 latest updates multiple drivers crashing

    I have problems with my Audio from time to time and a reboot will bring it back. That's the only issue as far as I can tell. Surface 3 with Widows 10
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    Surface 3 sleeve

    Glad yo like it. I just ordered one today, hoping to get it soon.
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    Thanks GreyFox and leeshor. here are the 4 items found, and as you can probably see I was looking at some Windows 10 customization sites
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    I got this screen Saturday and after repeated attempts to close it, I was finally able to using the Task Manager. The device worked as usual but opening the internet kept bringing this screen up. It finally cleared and (knock on wood) hasn't appeared since then. I ran the full scan with...
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    Surface 3 Ram : 2gb or 4gb

    Adding my 2 cents :). Comparing the Surface 3 to an iPad is not apples to apples - no pun intended. iPad runs an mobile OS and everything is tuned to that, including Safari. My guess is that if an iPad Air 2 was running full OSX (like the Surface is), it would be much slower, and more than...
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    reading books via kindle app on surface 3

    I read books with the Kindle app on my Surface 3 all the time. In fact that was one of my reasons for getting it. I also have an Air 2 and reading on Surface 3 feels more natural to me.
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    Weather app... is there a way to auto-refresh?

    Mine does auto refresh but if I shut my device down, it takes about an hour before it kicks in. Here are the two screens it cycles through.
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    Facebook option missing from Notification Menu

    Shows up magically, my Surface 3 is possessed :eek:
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    Facebook option missing from Notification Menu

    Hello all, All of a sudden, my Facebook option is missing from the Notification settings. What happened? Please help. Thanks much :)
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    Hi from a new guy!!

    Welcome from Racine, Wisconsin USA, Oldsalt :)
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    Switch to tablet mode notification

    Hello all, My Switch to tablet mode question, notification keeps popping in and out while I have the keyboard attached and in the desktop mode Any 0ne else face this? Something I am doing wrong? Please help, Thanks very much.

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