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    show unread messages only?

    Dumb question but can't figure it out - how do I change the view in mail to show unread only? TC
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    alt-tab in tablet mode

    I have to keep my taskbar hidden because I need the real estate. I don't know of a good way to bring up the taskbar when in tablet mode to accomplish these options easily. However, I did discover just playing around that if you swipe down from the top and fling to the right it shows you all...
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    Type keyboard issues and losing mouse pointer

    Frequently my Type Cover keyboard stops working, I find myself detaching and attaching it frequently just to get it to work. I know you're not supposed to detach while it's sleeping and I'm not doing that, but a lot of times after I've had it flipped back in tablet mode, then I change it to...
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    alt-tab in tablet mode

    Unfortunately I have to switch tabs sometimes twice a minute. This solution is about as quick as flipping the keyboard around and just using that. Anyone know of any quick utilities for this? Or maybe something to reprogram the Windows key on the screen to do an alt-tab?
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    alt-tab in tablet mode

    What's the best way to achieve alt-Tab when in tablet mode? Swiping right from the left edge of the screen will bring up the desktop for me, but it doesn't allow me to cycle through all my programs within the desktop. Thanks, TC

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