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    Which Surface should I buy?

    The dell venue 11 pro with atom has been working well for me, although it isn't as good with video. Overall, it is less powerful than the surface 2 but is more compatible.
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    Just ordered Dell Venue 11 Pro (64GB) for $434!!

    I'm comparing it with the Surface.
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    Just ordered Dell Venue 11 Pro (64GB) for $434!!

    The 64GB version of the Dell Venue 11 Pro (Z3770 CPU with 2GB RAM) was on sale yesterday on Amazon and I snapped it up for $434 (being released in December)!! It is no longer on sale, so I'm glad I pulled the trigger. Apparently, it also comes with MS Office, but I'm not sure. Regardless, I...
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    Has Microsoft lost their minds pricing accessories?

    MSFT is purposely pricing the surface too high because they don't want to piss off the OEMs. This ensures that Surface will be a failure but perhaps Surface has forced the OEMs to improve their quality thus it could be a success for MSFT overall even if the Surface fails.
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    Store credit for Surface RT trade-in. How much?

    I managed to sell my Surface RT, HDMI cable, type cover, and screen protector bundle for $336 on ebay. so about 50% of what I spent on it last october. I consider this a good price since my surface had a bad scratch on the back and the type cover had a loose key....all disclosed to the buyer of...
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    Dell Venue Pro 11 serious competitor of Surface Pro 2, what do you think?

    If bay trail config of the 11Pro is more powerful than the tegra 3, can watch videos on the web without a problem, and gets 8 hrs of battery life, I'm buying it. no brainer. I'm just waiting for the reviews. I'll sell my surface RT for $250, perhaps.
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    How do I upgrade to RT 8.1 if I had preview?

    Thanks! It's working! How dare MSFT not update me first. grrr
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    How do I upgrade to RT 8.1 if I had preview?

    I'm not seeing an update in the Windows store or when I go to the control panel to find updates. I have Windows RT 8.1 preview. What am I doing wrong?
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    Dell Venue Pro 11 serious competitor of Surface Pro 2, what do you think?

    Personally, I actually prefer plastic for a tablet as it is less likely to get damaged and I usually have a cover anyway.
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    Store credit for Surface RT trade-in. How much?

    I called up the MSFT store. They said that I can get credit if I trade in my Surface RT. I'm going to look into this this week. Anyone already know how much credit you get for a Surface RT?
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    Who's upgrading from Surface RT to Surface 2?

    they have surface 2 at the stores?
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    Will having Surface always plugged in preserve battery?

    When I'm at home at my desk....if I always have the surface plugged into the wall outlet, will this preserve my battery life over time? I assume it doesn't matter but just checking.
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    Surface 2 is superior to Surface Pro 2, except for one big thing

    yeah, the problem with your analysis is that the ipad may not get the full desktop experience for a website (although most times it can view the website) but the ipad will probably have the app for the website. In the case of the Surface RT...there is no app if the website doesn't work.
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    Should I get the Surface 2 or wait for Surface RT to lower the price further?

    The Surface 2 is clearly worth the extra $150. You get 10+ hrs of battery life in video playback, vs 8 hrs on the Surface 1. It is also significantly more powerful and u get a 1080p display. The Surface 2 is pretty much a perfect device except for 1 issue...the lack of compatibility when...
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    How do I fix the type cover keyboard, reinsert key

    I definite do not recommend that you remove a key from the keyboard, given the problem I'm having putting it back. I did actually remove a key before and was able to put it back...but not this time!

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