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    Surface pro 4 not turning on

    So I turned my surface off some hours ago and now when I tried to turn it on pressing the button it just didn't work, then I tried again holding it for 10 seconds and still no result. I kept trying pressing/holding it and it finally started up after a while trying... It seems to be working fine...
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    My advice for all those having issues

    I decided to open a thread about this because I think this might be useful for some people. I was having many issues with SP4 and was even thinking about returning it, blue screen of death, unresponsive touch screen after "sleep", etc. I read that many problems were caused by conflicts with...
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    SP4 and Windows 10 ...MS read and FIX!!

    For those having problems, I would highly recommend doing a refresh, I also had a couple of BSOD, but since I did the refresh about 5 days ago, and took my time updating it instead of rushing them, I haven't had any issue. It is VERY important to do the updating in a proper way, as I think this...
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    Keeping it plugged in or not?

    I have been reading about this and I'm still not sure which one is the best way to take care of the battery. Once it's full charged, should I unplug it or leave it "charging" instead? I've read many times that keeping it plugged in kills the battery faster, but I also read that some devices...
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    Battery Life and Recharge Time

    I'm pretty sure I get at least 4 hours of battery life, and I'd say even 5 (I haven't counted it tho so I can't assure it) The use is mostly microsoft edge, word 2016, uTorrent and drawboard.
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    Updating it properly

    Oh sorry about the tittle, it's good to know. I guess I did a resfresh then since I'm keeping all my files. I intended not to update anything manually and just wait for it updating on it's own, but it doesn't seem to be finding any update even tho the auto-update thingy is enabled. I'll do it...
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    Updating it properly

    Hello guys, I just got my new SP4 256 GGB about a week ago, and although I'm really enjoying it so far, I've been having some issues, some of them weren't that important, but yesterday it got much worse, so, after reading many comments about it getting all buggy because of updates getting all...

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