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    Send to Onenote

    why not open the attachment and send that to onenote too?
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    proper hi-res extenal monitor config?

    you should try to play with settings on your tv. change the surface pro output resolution to match the max resolution your monitor can support, then make sure the monitor is on native setting; no zoom or widescreen.
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    Surface won't turn. Return or Refurbish

    you can throw it on the ground in a very angry fashion or be patient and do RMA like a normal person. things happen, and the best option usually is to follow policy and return for repair.
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    New here - and have a Office 2013 issue.

    So, when you went to digital river to grab your d/l, you may notice that it's a web installer. if you run the installer on an older computer, it will stream and install office 2013... I found out this the hard way because I tried to stop the damn thing but it kept going. On the Surface Pro...