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    Microsoft lauch iPad vs. Windows website

    My biggest problem with the site is that it pretends to compare several different models, but it's mainly just showing the same thing for every Windows tablet. Yes, we know they all have USB ports, MS Office, etc.
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    If you were starting over...

    Thanks for the feedback, all. the reason I asked is because my Surface Pro is having a problem: there are ugly yellow patch appearing along the right side of the screen. I anticipate that the only resolution will be to return it for replacement which means a lot of work but also opportunity. I...
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    Microsoft lauch iPad vs. Windows website

    Expect? No. Next question: Would a more honest comparison make the site worth looking at and raise Microsoft's reputation beyond "What? Do these guys think I'm some sort of idiot?" Yes.
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    If you were starting over...

    If your Surface Pro suddenly turned back into the wad of money that you paid for it, what would you do? Would you run out and buy a new one? Buy something else? Stick the money in your pocket and wait until the Surface Pro 2 comes out? Buy a MacBook Air? Other?
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    Rumor: Microsoft’s Secret Plan for Surface Domination

    These rumors are so unrealistic they should win a price for silliness. The "50 percent of all Windows tablet sales" accomplishment is a booby prize thanks to the lack of RT and Win8 uptake by manufacturers and consumers. Microsoft's goal for Surface was to set a standard, not to steal sales...
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    Encryption? Security?

    It seems like BitLocker is the way to go since it's already installed. I'm a little bit nervous, though. Are there any downsides (e.g., performance hits, incompatibilities, etc.)? Why wouldn't everyone automatically encrypt their drives?
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    How often do you really use your pen?

    I use the pen frequently. I might be able to type faster, but when I am in a meeting with other people, handwriting is less obtrusive. I also like to import documents (e.g., meeting agendas) and then annotate them
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    Surface Pro Performance?

    I've seem many comments about how snappy the Surface Pro is, so I wonder why I'm not impressed. My official work computer is a 2 year old Dell laptop (no frills, i5 processor) and it seems much snappier than the SP, which lags an extra second on many operations. The SP seems like it's always...
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    Managing two Microsoft accounts

    So...I got a Surface Pro and went through the set up, entering one email address. Then, after the Office 365 trial ended, I "subscribed" to Office 365--but with a different email address. I didn't realize what I had created a problem until I decided to access Office 365 from the web interface...
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    Taking notes with the stylus - accuracy

    I've moved from an iPad that had many great note taking apps. I like Onenote a lot, but haven't figured out some basics that I had on the iPad. Does anyone know how to, in OneNote... - insert photos directly from the camera (e.g. Taking a quick pic of the whiteboard after a meeting) - insert a...
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    Pro runs hotter on battery?!?!

    He's not concerned with the temperature so much as why the Surface Pro runs hotter on battery than when plugged in. Doesn't that seem strange?
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    Complaints with the Surface Pro

    J515OP, when I read this I interpreted it in a certain way and want to make sure I understand. Did you mean to say: 1. It's good strategy for companies to be dishonest 2. Companies should never admit mistakes 2. Customers should feel good about companies that they feel mislead them 3. That...
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    Encryption? Security?

    Hi all, Coming from the iPad world, I never had to worry much about securing data because 1) although the iPad had access to various cloud services, it didn't hold much data locally, and 2) I could wipe it remotely if it got lost. Now, with the much more functional Surface Pro, I can (and...
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    Complaints with the Surface Pro

    I love this, but let me reword it slightly: "The problem isn't that it doesn't have a stylus slot, the problem is that you want one." :-)
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    Bum Pro?

    Another one, seems like there's a lot of us here. I've been searching the web for resolutions for the last week and a half. At first, I could only find one other person having the problem I am. It seems like every day I find new people with unfixable hardware problems.

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