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    Is the USB-C Port Gen 1 or 2?

    Hah! Apparently I failed to check the source. Thanks much.
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    Is the USB-C Port Gen 1 or 2?

    Question as stated in the title. I haven't found a review yet that is any more specific than "It has USB-C, it's not Thunderbolt 3". Based on the absolutely silly $400 price jump to go from 256GB to 512GB (and that is literally the only difference) I decided to go for the 256 GB 15" model as the...
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    Checked out a demo model of SB with Performance Base today

    Thanks for confirming specs, I was pretty sure this would be the case but hadn't found another resource confirming same processor model.
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    "Surface Book with Performance Base"

    I actually called Surface support to see if this was an option, apparently they won't even replace the case separately. Had I actually lost my base, it would apparently have been a too bad, so sad, go buy a new one situation. I mentioned this in another thread actually. The main barrier I see...
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    "Surface Book with Performance Base"

    Uh-huh. Good marketing there at least :) The CPUs are so close spec wise (and a 965M so not past the capabilities of almost any i5 to keep up with) that they could totally pair that with an i5 version if they wanted to. Like the OP, I'd LOVE to see this sold separately. My only concern with such...
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    What if... (Surface AIO/Dock)

    So I was eating lunch today, minding my own business, when I was stuck with a sudden thought far too incredible to be even hoped for. What if the Surface "All-in-one" turns out to be not only modular, but modular in such a way that it can act as a dock w/dGPU for an existing Surface with Surface...
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    Surface Connect

    I'd almost forgotten about those! I remember the concept was developed for the Surface and Surface Pro 2 line, but I don't remember seeing anything about it since then. Now would be a great time to launch some of those for the Surface family.
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    Surface Connect

    With October approaching I'm hopeful to see some nice new stuff for this. Whether the second gen book launches this year or next, my main hope is that we see an improved dock or keyboard with better GPU options that is compatible with both generations.
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    Wish the clipboard would recharge from the keyboard battery

    Eh, I'm not overly frustrated by this. It'll give the batteries more cycles at least, and I can't see myself needing more then 3-4 hours per day in clipboard mode. If you're primarily using the thing as a tablet, I recently heard of this amazing device called a Surface Pro 4 :)
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    Surface Book Benchmarks

    Not to res a dead thread, but has anyone seen decent benchmarks comparing the i5 and i7 models in battery life and performance when both have the GPU option? Most benchmarks just compare the i5 and i7 as though it was just that simple, without comparing them with the different bases.
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    A lurker no more

    Is that what we're calling it these days? Sounds about right... I'm certain at this point my wife would prefer I settle down with a single PC for a while, but so far she has patiently just shook her head every time I wander home with a new model.
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    In store availability

    Wow! I called Best buy yesterday and most stores in my area were getting at least 2 or more of multiple models of Surface Book in my area. When I ordered one from them about 5 hours ago I could pick my model from any of the 8 stores in my reasonably local area. In the period between then (9pm...
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    In store availability

    Depends on if you want one tomorrow or not ;) I prefer Microsoft myself, but every single one of their opening day units are ALWAYS called for. If it makes you feel better the margins are always in the services, so just go pick up any accessories from Microsoft since those at least should still...
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    In store availability

    They price match actually, just show them the price from the education portal on Preorders just went up on their website for in store pickup today, so I'm going that route instead of waiting 6 weeks. Also helps that they have an option of rewards or financing, and you can...

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