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    Screen cracked

    Yeah, I took it into the Microsoft store and told them what happened. I emphasized that it was very hot and that I had not mistreated it. They replaced it on the spot and I've had no issues with the replacement. The new one does not get as hot either.
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    New SP4 firmware out

    you sure all the updates went through. Check update history.
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    New SP4 firmware out

    Worked on my SP4. Sleep wake seems to be working reliably after some limited tested. Docking/un-docked from the Surface Dock while alive seems to be much smoother too. Time will tell if this fixes everything. Hopefully the SB and SP4 can now get on with being the awesome products they really...
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    Sell Surface Book for SP4??

    I have both and use them for different things. I much prefer the Surface Book for working at home due to the keyboard and screen size. I prefer the Surface Book for reading magazines in tablet mode and the battery lasts long enough for what I need. I don't take it out of the house much. I use...
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    Screen cracked

    I'm still away on holidays but I plan to take the SB back to Microsoft Store next week to see what they think. I doubt I will be able to get Complete Cover at this stage because they need to 'inspect' the device prior to issuing cover. Having had a good look at the screen I think you guys a...
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    Screen cracked

    It's not easy to photograph. I don't have complete cover but I have lodged a warranty claim. I'm away on holidays now so I can't send it back until I get home. It's still working fine. I did notice it was very hot this morning and locked up again. There is no way I broke it so I will fight. I...
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    Screen cracked

    :( I woke up this morning to find the screen on my Surface Book cracked along the top just below the cameras. I have looked after this thing and always keep in in a Thule sleeve. I'm away on holidays until Christmas so the MS return process is going to be awkward but I shall see how it goes...
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    Firmware Update 2 Dec

    Another firmware update just dropped. Hope it fixes all outstanding issues. Download and installed successfully for me.
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    Chrome Crashing

    Does it to me all the time on first launching Chrome. I've never seen this on my Dell XPS13.
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    Power & Sleep

    I've had this problem a couple of times in my incase sleeve. I've changed to a Thule sleeve which is not as tight and I'm careful not to put pressure on the switch. I think a recessed switch would have been better.
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    Firmware Update 18 Nov

    and another software update incoming now. Looks like they are working hard at MS. I hope they solve everyone's problems soon.
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    Firmware Update 18 Nov

    I just got a large firmware update to my i7 Surface Book. Download and install went smoothly. It seems stable so far but it's only been 10 minutes.
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    SB - amazing for Photoshop retouching

    I'm loving mine too. I have it docked at work with 2 x 27" monitors (not 4K ones). I leave the SB in 'Canvas' mode with my glasses case between the back of the screen and the keyboard base to give it a bit of angle and stability. So simple and very comfortable for my use. I leave OneNote open...
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    One little thing missing

    Use a MacBook sleeve? I agree an attachable cover would be nice, even better if it folded up into a stand. I'm still a bit bummed that they didn't build a kickstand into the Clipboard.
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    Surface dock without keyboard

    Thanks for confirming this. It's encouraging to hear that Microsoft has made the clipboard so adaptable. It's a shame it doesn't have a kickstand too. :)

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