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    New Surface Pro (2017) Official Thread

    Sounds like something is wrong there. I've not had this problem and not read in any forum about anyone else having it. Have you tried doing a full software reset (back to factory settings) which should take care of any software or driver issue that might have cropped up?
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    New Surface Pro 2017, external monitor flashes

    I am traveling this week, but I don't reply having any blackout problems on my external 4k display, when attached via the dock.
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    Buy SP4 now or wait for SP5

    nSP beats SP4 in 3 things fit me. The nSP has 50% more battery life; much better inking with the new pen ( I'm a consultant, not an artist), and easier on the hand when holding as a tablet. The silent and cool i5 is also a benefit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Buy SP4 now or wait for SP5

    No attempt to diagnose the problem? It certainly doesn't sound like hardware. The news you are referring to I assume is from Consumer Reports. You know that is talking about older models that have been around for years. So nothing about the news is new.
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    Surface Pro 2017 - disappearing start screen icons

    This is not an uncommon problem. The tiles on the start menu seem "rot" from time to time. If you do nothing, I bet they come back. I've not been able to get an exact solution, but try downloading a new app from the App Store and see if they all come back. I would not suggest doing any kind...
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    Surface Pro (2017) as desktop replacement?

    I'm guessing no brick and mortar store near you? I kind of did what you said. If I wasn't happy with the performance I could have upgraded within 30 days. Also the fan is a mechanical part and given the inability to repair the thing, I see it as a risk. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Surface Pro (2017) as desktop replacement?

    And you'd lose the fanless design, so that kept me at i5. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Surface Pro (2017) as desktop replacement?

    The i5/8G/256G nSP will handle the use case you described just fine. I do heavy office apps, browsing, and Lighroom work on mine and its fine. I basically merged what I was doing on an i7 Dell work laptop and my i5 Mac Mini from home onto a nSP, and love it. I do have the dock, and I have one...
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    Surface Pro Power Supply

    I have one in my bag, the dock on my desk, and don't need one at the couch because the battery life is much longer than a couch experience! My desk is in my home office, so that is where it goes back if it needs a charge at home. I've yet to have the battery go dead between times I'm working.
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    Problem connecting mail server with Outlook 2013

    @jnjroach , you didn't ask which he did (manual or auto), you asked if he did (manual or auto). So you get a very informative "yes" answer. @CAMILLE , you have got to help us help you... a little more specific information about your situation would be useful. Imagine asking an auto mechanic...
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    Small HD and OneNote, Google Drive, etc.

    You are correct that "syncing" to a cloud drive of any sort replicates what is on the cloud drive to your local disk. I don't think you'll find any more or less taken up by different cloud vendors because a file is a file. It matters not where it came from. Microsoft in the Fall Creators...
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    Noisy processor!

    I feel like I'm in a parallel universe with the new Surface Pro. I bought one at the Microsoft Store (brick and mortar) the day after launch and haven't had any of the problems that others have reported. I'm sure I'm not alone, but few of us show up on the forum sit seems. If you are able to...
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    Noisy processor!

    I don't think it's physically possible for a processor to generate sound. Are you talking about sound from the speakers? My i5 is totally silent when I have the speakers muted, and I've not noticed any static noises when unmuted.
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    New pro 4gb vs pro4 4/8gb

    If they did, I would have bought the 512. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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