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    Numeric Keypad still upside down

    Can I get a name? Maybe I can plead our case via Twitter.
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    Numeric Keypad still upside down

    I respectfully disagree. When Microsoft releases Excel for the Modern UI it will be coded for touch. Number crunchers have been using the ten-key layout for over 100 years. When I am working on a spreadsheet that isn't too complex, I will definitely want to kick back on my sofa with my Surface...
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    Numeric Keypad still upside down

    I've got another thread started over there with Jessen. We'll see how this one turns out :smile:
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    Numeric Keypad still upside down

    I was hoping that the final release of Windows 8.1 might get the software numeric keypad right. Still upside down. My Surface is not a phone.
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    NFL on Fox sporting Surfaces

    Watching the NFL on Fox with Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long and crew and they all have Microsoft Surface tablets on the broadcast desk. Sweet :D
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    Microsoft Working on New Siri Competitor Inspired by Halo's Cortana AI Character

    I hope they pull it off. Siri is a huge part of what I dig about my iPhone. Would love to grab a Windows Phone to compliment my Surface RT, but not without a great voice assistant. One that actually works.
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    Waiting for My Surface RT

    I've had mine for a few days now. The battery life is insane :omg:
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    IE 11 (Modern UI) Page Load Issues

    Good guess. I'm running at 125%. Will experiment back at 100% to see if it's worth the tradeoff.
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    IE 11 (Modern UI) Page Load Issues

    Running Windows 8.1 Preview on my Surface RT and it seems that almost all of the websites I load in IE11 are pushed to the side (landscape). I have to refresh to get them to load correctly. Quite annoying but expected in a Preview, I guess. Just need to know I'm not alone. Is this a problem for...
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    buy the typecover?

    I like the touch because I can flip it over when I want to use the Surface as a tablet and it doesn't feel awkward on the back like a real keyboard might.
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    New Member with Q's

    Excellent! I'll do it that way. Thanks :)
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    New Member with Q's

    Just bought a Surface RT. Thank you for this discussion forum. A few questions that I can't easily find answers for. Can I import Favorites to IE 11 on Windows 8.1 (Preview) RT? Can I import Contacts to People? How are you all doing SMS to and from your contacts? Thanks in advance. - Cooknn...

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