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    Issues since Fall Creators update 1709

    I posted a note along these lines as well regarding the KB4054517 update. I noticed that scrolling through Excel 2010 pages was impossible after installing that update. I uninstalled the update and Excel worked fine. Reinstalled the update and again no scrolling. Uninstalled a second time and...
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    Touchpad issue after latest Surface update

    After a 12/19/2017 update I could no longer use the touchpad to scroll in Excel 2010. I assumed the problem lay with Excel and spent the last couple of days trying various fixes. Then, I thought perhaps a recent update to Windows 10 or the SP4 might be the culprit. Sure enough, as soon as I...
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    Solved Change Default Size on Web Pages

    What web browser (Edge, Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.) are you using?
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    Solved SP4 and Microsoft Edge

    Update. Cleared all Edge settings/browser cache, etc. Restarted computer. Clicking on links started working. I still was not able to move bookmarks around or reorder them. So, I started deleting them one at a time as per a suggestion from another forum. That did the trick. After removing half...
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    Solved SP4 and Microsoft Edge

    The links failed to work when I'd move the cursor onto them (using the touchpad) and click on them using the left side of the touchpad. As for the toolbar, I was simply trying to rearrange my favorite links to various websites. I could drag and drop a favorite on the visible toolbar but I...
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    Solved SP4 and Microsoft Edge

    For several days Microsoft has been sending pop-up messages telling me that the Edge browser won't run down my battery as fast as Firefox (my normal browser). So, today I decided to switch to Edge. ARGHH!!! I can't adjust my toolbar and clicking on search results does nothing. In other words, I...
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    Why Here's how I left Microsoft, went Apple, and became a hypocrite because I switched back.

    Very interesting and enjoyable reading. Thanks, Derek. It caused me to think back on my early computing experience and I do remember the thrill of some of those early improvements. Dual floppy disk drives! A hard drive!! Wow, those were huge improvements. Yes, I'm 66. :) My buying habits are...
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    Surface Pro 4 for students?

    There's no way mine would keep a charge for 8 hours on battery without doing the things the fellow above just mentioned. But I like a bright screen and being connected online. Can't speak about the Surface Book as no experience.
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    Surface Pro 4 for students?

    I'm comfortable with it but don't type quickly and not all that much. If all you're really wanting it for is note taking I'd consider one of the $300-400 laptops. Don't get me wrong, I love the SP4 but a wise buying decision must take into account cost for the need.
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    not showing anniversary edition update

    From what I've seen, updates can occur at different times for people. This particular update (the Anniversary one) has been spread out a lot. People were on here talking about it a full month before it came to my computer. It was about six weeks later it finally showed up one day and then took a...
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    Type cover keyboard flat or propped up? Which do you prefer and why?

    Propped as the screen faces me more directly. The kickstand fits right at my knees when sitting down. Very comfortable.
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    How Do You Backup Your SP4?

    So, you don't use the Backup built into Windows 10? Is this SyncToy better or easier to use?
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    How Do You Backup Your SP4?

    I have a tiny 128GB flashdrive sticking out of the USB slot. It just stays plugged in all the time. It only sticks out about half an inch so there isn't much risk of it getting knocked out of place. Like others, I also use OneDrive. Edited 128GB from 128k. Thanks to David for reporting the error.
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    Windows Hello Goodbye

    I used it when i first got it but quickly grew tired of it for the same reason - it just wasn't consistent in recognizing me. Clever concept but just not quite good enough. Someday...
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    Is it okay to buy now?

    To Exhile: It was a month or more before the Anniversary update automatically appeared on my SP4. But it finally did and all is well (although it did a lot of installing of things in the background for half a day with the fan coming on every few minutes). That went away after a day and I've not...

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