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    8.1 Installation problems on SP

    Did you ever solve this? I found an error in the system log that said: error code 0x80070020 failed to install ESD English Bundle Parent but have not been able to fix that.
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    How to reveal the OEM Windows 8 product key in Surface pro ?

    Ruffles is correct. These word games drive me nuts. Upgrade, refresh, reinstall, overlay, etc. The "upgrade" ArnoldC is talking about results in a Windows 8.1 system with no applications and additional junk on the hard disk drive. A clean install is much better.
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    Malfunction when plugged into airplane power outlet

    I don't think the 50hz / 60hz makes any difference. It's all rectified to DC anyway!
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    Out, out d***ed spot!

    What dot? I don't see a dot!
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    Recent "trackpad settings" app update

    My settings app couldn't find the trackpad. I uninstalled the settings app, downloaded the new one, and all the controls are there and working. Now I can turn it off!!!
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    Channel bonding in 802.11 N

    My comment was not meant to disparage your 270 - 216, I am stuck at 144. I have 3 different routers and have tried all of them. I use 40Mhz band width in the 5Ghz range, router is set to N only, AES encryption, everything that I am supposed to use, but nothing improves my speed. My only question...
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    Channel bonding in 802.11 N

    It's not the 16 to 20 feet it's going through the floor or wall that will kill you with 5 Ghz. 280??? On the Surface using the built in adapter?
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    Channel bonding in 802.11 N

    Yes I did. First of all I did nothing to the setting of the network adapter on the Surface. At the router I set the bandwidth for both the 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bands to 40 Mhz only. Then I told the Surface to "Forget this connection" where I had previously connected to the router and then I...
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    Channel bonding in 802.11 N

    Touche! Machistmo...
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    Channel bonding in 802.11 N

    In theory, practice and theory are the same, but in practice they are not. At least that's my conclusion. (just kidding mlknez) I have a new EnGenius N750 and 2 Cisco E2000 routers. They are doing their part. When I run InSSIDer on the Surface and display the networks I see channels 11+7 in the...
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    Anyone successfully created a USB bootable recovery image with Acronis?

    OK, I used a Western Digital 1 TB USB 3.0 external hard disk drive. WD Elements SE 1TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive WDBPCK0010BBK-NESN - The problem with a lot of USB flash drives is that the firmware on the stick will not allow you to flip the bit that makes the stick look like a disk...
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    Anyone successfully created a USB bootable recovery image with Acronis?

    A few days ago Acronis released an update to Backup and Recovery 11.5 that now supports creation of recovery media using WinPE version 4.0 (Windows 8). I created a 64 bit UEFI recovery disk and copied it to the first partition of a USB drive and booted from it successfully. Since the second...
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    Mouse activity will not wake my Surface Pro

    I have a USB mouse in addition to the Bluetooth. I plugged that in and let the computer go to sleep. The I turned the wheel on the USB mouse and that woke it up but no action on the Bluetooth mouse wakes it up. In another test I let it go to sleep and clicked the left and right buttons on the...
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    Mouse activity will not wake my Surface Pro

    I have gotten into the habit of waking my Surface by tapping the space bar, and that works fine. I can wake any of my other computers by moving the mouse, but that won't work on the surface. I have a USB mouse and also a Bluetooth mouse and I have tried both of them and no dice. I checked device...
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    Channel bonding in 802.11 N

    Does anyone know if the Surface network adapter supports channel bonding in 802.11 N or G for that matter. There are a lot of good routers and access points out there on the market that support channel bonding to provide speeds up to 300 - 450 Mbps. Are we maxed out at 140?

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