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    Surface on TV

    Barry is using a Surface Book 2 in "Barry" Chapter 5 "Do Your Job." Maybe some other episodes as well, but that is as far as I have gotten in the series and wasn't looking for the Surface devices in the previous 4 :)
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    My new dock for Surface Book 2

    @rolldog This looks really intriguing. Please do keep us updated.
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    Surface on TV

    That I would believe. Just Bill being Bill :)
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    Surface on TV

    I have been seeing a lot more Surface devices in my travels lately, I think that will increase with the new releases and the holiday season approaching. Of course if you are a fan of NFL football, you see them everywhere since Surface became the official device of the NFL
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    Wired vs wireless headphones. Your preferences?

    Those are really intriguing. If I didn’t like my Sony so much I would wait for those. Let us know what you think of them once you have tried them for a bit
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    Wired vs wireless headphones. Your preferences?

    I ended up returning the Beats Studios that I had mentioned getting on sale in an earlier post and picking up a pair of newly released Sony wh-1000xm3’s instead. Love these. Good sound, comfortable, excellent noise cancelling, long battery life, USB-C port for recharging. Very happy with them.
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    Solved Two problems I have with my 6 month SB2

    Definitely try the 5ghz channels. I don't know if Netgear has finally fixed the issue, but I returned mine because, among other issues, they had a buggy 2.4ghz channel. I also didn't feel it had very good range through my home and that the bandwidth degraded quickly. I recently switched to Eero...
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    Wired vs wireless headphones. Your preferences?

    Why preferably the Beats if you don't mind my asking? The reason for my question is that I recently picked up a pair of the Beats Studio 3 on a good deal at Best Buy, $100 off to replace an older set of headphones. But even at $249, I am having a hard time convincing myself that I like them...
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    Wired vs wireless headphones. Your preferences?

    Wireless is my choice, because I am generally moving from room to room too much to worry about wires. Out of the house I actually like the Air Pods because they are small, the case recharges them and they work well for pausing the music when you pull one out and for hands-free calling. In the...
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    I can't get my Pro to scroll sideways with two fingers

    In that case have you gone into Device Manager and removed the HID-compliant touch screen drivers and restarted the machine? Upon restart the Surface Pro should download and re-install the drivers.
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    Will there be a Surface Book 2

    Well, everyone has their own utopian idea of what a device should be, I suppose. But the reality is that they all make compromises and the closest you will get is finding a device with the compromises you best feel you can live with. That is odd that Amazon has no reviews though. Neither does...
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    Surface Pro Power Supply

    I often work with it out on the couch in the evenings, with the wife and dogs, while watching TV with varying degrees of interest. As long as I get done what I need to get done that night, all is good :) I do the same sometimes, sitting out on the deck or patio at nights, while listening to...
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    Porsche Design Book One

    No worries. I thought maybe you took what I said as a negative about Quanta. They are just another builder, not terribly different from the others in the market :) I believe everything sold through Microsoft has the same 30 day return policy. Try it for awhile and live with it for a month...
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    Surface Pro Power Supply

    That’s exactly the setup I would like as well :) I would use the computer bag one out on the deck or patio so I didn’t have to keep plugging and unplugging the one from between the couch and coffee table Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Hello from UK

    Welcome binwolf! I am new to the Surface world, having owned mine about a month and therefore not a great source of tips. But I figured I would say hi :)